Constant Error 630. No response from PSO2 server.

Getting this error every 5 minutes. My internet isn't disconnecting from any other devices or services, only PSO2 is having this problem.

Same exact thing is happening to me. I would love to think that it's just my internet, but my internet is just fine. I just can't stay connected to the game.

Add me to this list as well. Happens 2-3 times a day. Sometimes spread far appart, sometimes within 30 mins to an hour of each other. Modem and router is fine and I don't have a problem staying connected in other games. Matter of fact I stay connected in party chat during the disconnect (error 630). Proper ports are open on the router too. Please fix.

That would mean there are more people than expected trying to connect. This happens with a lot of MMOs. Even a big one, Final Fantasy XIV, will disconnect people often when a lot of people are trying to play, especially with COVID-19.

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Anyone? I was about to post this on the Microsoft forums.

I am quite annoyed by this problem since I bought the Xbox One just for this game. I bought the Xbox, a new controller, paid for online and got the game. It worked fine for a week or two, but lately I can't play for more than 3 minutes without getting the error 630 in the game, which means connection error. It seems to disconnect me from the game when there's a lot of movement on the screen. I have lowered the graphics settings which seemed to help a bit. But now it's back to disconnecting me all the time. It does it randomly too, while idle in the lobby.

I have restarted my console, unplugged and plugged it back in, logged out of my account, uninstalled and reinstalled the game. Nothing has worked.

I'm thinking it might be impossible for it to work because of the connection, which I haven't been able to get to work smoothly for years just because I live far away from other people. Maybe it will get better when I move to the south. (Same as Splatoon 2 which doesn't have its dedicated server, and when you're closer to other people it works better.) The internet service providers haven't been able to help me either. They have just said I seem to keep getting disconnected regularly and that's strange.

If it's not that, it seems to me the Xbox One is simply a pretty weak machine that can't play the game correctly

I wonder if there's anything else I could try.

I was getting a lot of No[630] errors yesterday from around 4:00pmCST to 6:30pmCST. I was on my Xbox Elite like I've always been. Then before bed I tried on my Xbox S and managed to finish at least my dailies. So not sure if it was time waiting or something with my Elite. Only thing I didn't do was fully reboot the Elite. So.. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

^ That is generally a reasonable helpful support article. But if you've been playing successfully for a while its a lot less likely to be so. At least in the way of port forwarding. Because most if not all games, and software in general, rely on outbound stateful connections. Practically all home network routers, and a fair amount of business edge routing I wold wager, will allow return traffic for these originating from home stateful connections. Rarely do you need to open a port for traffic that originates outside of your home. Unless you're doing something pretty specifically technical.

Given that I've never had these kinds of issues until yesterday on any Xboxes going back several years at least. And been playing at least a few hours every day since day 1 of CBT. So while not technically helpful persay. Given the error is indicative of unstable internet connectibity client side. "Client side" in our case being everything from your Xbox out to the first PoP (Point of Presence) your ISP touches. Even beyond possibly. I'm assuming it was that something worked itself out "client side." Will see later today.

Best we can do is report it. The dev and technical powers that be will see our plights. And docment, process, and triage accordingly. It will possibly make the game better and better in the long run.


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Gonna bump this tread as there are still diconnect issues for multiple people. This is not isp or equipment related. There is something going on with the pso2 servers themselves. Maybe it has something to do with server prep for the pc players who will be joining this month. At any rate Sega would you please look into this? One other thing is when the disconnects happen there is no lag or anything going on with the game client just a random and quick disconnect. This indicates the server stopped sending packets to the client or the client was forcefully disconnected.