a very horrible accident happened

soo i accidentally bought the tefura set on the fresh find shop my character a male so i can’t wear it, is there any way i can refund this purchase? i lost 520 sg for an outfit i cant use or even sell. ples help

Does the item tell you it's for females? (IE: Take a screenshot and show us.) If it does, then it's technically your own fault. (On Final Fantasy XIV's Mog Station, there's a lot of female only costumes, and Square Enix states all Mog Station sales are final.) I'm making this comparison, since SG can be bought I believe.

@coldreactive yea i knew the outfit was for females what i was aiming for was the Heavenly Rainment accessory item i saw on the outfit preview picture, it’s just a bit misleading since the accessory itself isn’t in the package but is still shown on the picture advertising