Things Wrong with the Sega Website

This is not much and I am aware (as someone who researched the involvement of each company) that maybe not much could be done about it and maybe it is minor, but I wanted to bring up regardless...

At the time of the E3 announcement PSO2 was listed and represented in the website:


It stayed that way throughout the period of silence after E3 until it was mysteriously removed around October. The game's now passed its Closed and Open Beta period, has officially launched and has social media precense and yet the game's was never listed under the "Coming Soon" section and is definitely not listed now as one of the games in Sega's lineup.

While of course, Sega West (Sega of America & Sega Europe) was not involved directly with the the management or localization of Phantasy Star Online 2 they do regardless remain the representative for Sega in the West and have both their dark-blue logo (Sega of Japan's is light blue) used ingame and placed on this very website which, when clicked, takes you to wherein... the game is not even listed to begin with!

In the end though it turns out that PSO2 is not the only games or pieces of media stuck in this state and there's a whole more wrong with Sega West's website. To name a few:

  • Certain games just plain don't exist on the site! The newly released Panzer Dragoon Remake, Streets of Rage 4, the SEGA Ages lineup are all not listed at all. To add insult to injury, Sega Classics 3D got its own listing and the Sega West did make a (hidden) website for the Sega Ages game manuals on their site but not individual listing:

  • Continuing from the above, certain games under "Upcoming" aren't even listed. If you go check as of the writing of this message you will see just Humankind and Sakura Wars listed. Where's Project Diva MegaMix or Yakuza: Like a Dragon? Where was PSO2 during all this time?

  • Some of the buttons are quite inconsistent. Some games listed have an "Official Website" button which takes you off-site to the game's website... but also call this button "More Info". In some cases, hovering over the "Official Website" button gives you a prompt to select a platform but then just list "Official Website" as the option. In one redundant case, the options for "Buy Now" and "Official Website"... lead to the same page.

  • The website offers an RSS feed for updates... which hasn't been updated since 2016 and wasn't even formatted well.

  • Information is pretty oudated. The Sonic movie being in theaters is still listed under "Latest from Sega" (not even updated to state its now on digital) and the ingame Sonic movie promotion in Sonic Runners and Speed Battle is still shown as happening right now.

In the end this is something quite minor but just felt like bringing up, please tell me i'm not the only one bothered by all this. xD

I guess they're really slacking at Sega. Hopefully, PSO2 releasing in NA will revive them.

@Leonkh99 I have checked that page once a week since December to see if it ever changed to incorporate any element of PSO2 over this period of time.

Their lack of endorsing it in any, way, shape, or form is what led me to believe that costs for advertising the game was part of Microsoft's deal for getting SEGA to bring it Westbound. Though it would seem like a really small thing to add it to the Western website, if the costs were negotiated to be taken on by another entity, something as small as a few employee manhours would be off the table. (To include even an endorsement from their own social media)

That theory lost a little credibility when the official SEGA twitter announced the official release here. Other possible explanations would be that SEGA JP is in the middle of restructuring their Western assets and do not want absolutely anything that would direct PSO2 NA players to that section of their business. If the game was on that website, the inevitable disgruntled PSO2 player or technologically inept player would likely end up submitting "tickets" through the "Contact Us" button on that website rather than through the community team here.

Those are just some of the thoughts I have put towards it at least. There are also the rumors that keep buzzing about Microsoft acquiring them, but I stopped falling for that one in 2001.