Random colorways on AC outfits

I'm seeing some weird color ways on some AC outfits, that when you check the prize list there is normally 4 colors shown, but some people have different colors. Are they rare colorways? Or did the person just change the color?

@BLACK-x-SCVLE If an outfit or outerware has color parameter like this, we can change the color of the item on the salon using Color-Change Pass. PHANTASY STAR ONLINE 2 (colorchange).jpg

The pass is rather a precious item now, so make sure about which item you want to use it 🙂

@Fiona-Respha Can you get them by exchanging any AC item? Or specific ones, Ty btw

@BLACK-x-SCVLE You can exchange any 14 AC scratch items for a Color-Change Pass. Also, recent two seasons of Mission Pass had the pass as a gold reward of tier 20. The last season had another one on tier 34 gold, so maybe the current season have that too.