? Is there a way to be invisible when online

I know I can set my Xbox to offline but people can still see me in the game, so is there someway to Appear off-line or be invisible in game

Unfortunately at this time there is no way to make it so other players can't see you online. The only way to play without them seeing you in-game is to play on another ship.

@Home-Dog well boo, I made a few new friends and I made a joke that made one of them uncomfortable so I figured if I could hide myself for a few days they would get over it, I apologize as soon as they told me but now talking with them has become awkward.....I hate that you have to watch what you say around people now a days, don’t get me wrong I was really just joking with them I mean we had been throwing out cured jokes for the last 3 days then I take a pic of one of them from some bushes and I made to feel like a creep 😩😩

@SaviorZero82 said in ? Is there a way to be invisible when online:

I hate that you have to watch what you say around people now a days

"Now a days."

I've had so many people all my life have to do this. Especially in the midwest state of Wisconsin where we're so mixed in races/etc. Not to mention women have a lot of power here. Born in 1987, raised in the 90s.

@coldreactive people are just really way to touchy I guess, when I was “talked to” by one of them I was made to feel like I was the bad guy and I’m like look I meant it as a joke “I apologize” but now I’m like well I guess I can’t do or say anything around them now, we really had hit it off as well I mean it felt like we were old friends talking

82 here

HEeh.. 76.. ..true there are always "those times." But there is something extra special about the current "nowadays." So many times I find myself saying or thinking.. "Well its 2019.." "Well it is 2020.." etc. For a variety of obvious and perhaps not so obvious the general societal norms, political correctness, etc. is at an all time high. E.g. Soooo many great movies from the 80s/90s that would never see the production light of day "nowadays". (le sigh)

Anyway.. ..carry on ARKS!! ;0 ;~)

o/ =^.^=

if you really think about it anything anyone says these days can set off anyone ...lol

Or you could just avoid that person. If they take something so personally in an online game then they have a lot of growing up to do.

@BFGesus sadly that seems like it will be the case, it’s sucks cus I had a blast with them