Hiding Units/Transforming to Subs

Is there any means of hiding units/transforming them into Sub units cosmetically? There's some some stuff that looks great, and then there's stuff like the Varder gear that's just huge blocks slapped onto your character. Subs don't show, but I doubt they'll give me the same stats that top tier stuff do, and only weapons seem to have form changes that I could find.

Hiding your armor/units is in my pinned Guides and Help mega-thread. I should know, I made the original topic asking the question: https://forum.pso2.com/topic/720/how-to-hide-camo-your-armor

Got it, thank you. I was expecting that option under Customize.

One last thing before the thread gets locked, is there a means to project the back effects from the EX Cube shop?

@HoveringNebula By project, do you mean like use the visual effect even if you aren't wearing those specific units? Then, no. Unit camos or Transmutation has been a request that has been asked for even on the JPN server multiple times since they initially released Weapon camos back in 2013, but it seems to fall on deaf ears...

Darn.... I kinda figured that was the point of those since they peak stat-wise so early. Maybe NA players adding to that could get Sega to take notice. I like the particle effects, but I need to be able to take more than one hit, too.

The closest they have done so far is that for the 2017 Autumn event, they had players vote on a few Unit sets, and then they released the winners as accessories. They only did it that one year, though.

There is maybe some hope, since in one of the recent livestreams they actually highlighted Unit Transmutation as one of the top player requests (along with stuff like Costume-only storage a la Material Storage).

Ah, a la the Glamour Chest in XIV. That'd be nice considering how many outfits I'm starting to build up with just two characters.

Yep; over on my JPN account most of my Character Storage across a dozen characters and an entire 500-slot Extended Storage are filled with just Costumes, Outerwear, and Parts. It gets... addictive. Especially if you are like me and never re-sell anything because it might be nice to revisit the look later.

Well, I've been buying multiples, but mostly for SG. Still, since units are where the particles live, hopefully Sega's working that code.