Ship 2- The Neon ARKS are looking for new members!

The Neon ARKS are looking for new members for our alliance, we are a semi hardcore group looking for like minded individuals who enjoy all aspects of the game and we to expand our group to make even more friends and memories in this great game. We are mainly a late night EST timezone group with some others mixed in and mainly doing what most groups are doing at this point with SHAQ's and some extremes depending on what people need. Had a few casino nights which with 9 people was a lot of fun, would love to fill a blocks casino with our alliance.

To wrap this post up we really just want people that enjoy the game and do their best to learn and grow together while having fun. If this sounds like what you want to please feel free to look up the alliance in the visphone or get ahold of me here through a post and I'll do my best to get back to you as quickly as I can. Till then Have a fantastic day


Hey I just started playing. I'm interested in looking for some people to play with I'm really enjoying the game and none of my current friends are interested.

What time are you guys usually on?