WARNING-Buying character slot is a SCAM

I purchased an additional character slot a couple weeks ago. I decided that I wanted to make a different race so I deleted the character. I went to recreate him today and the slot is GONE. It wants me to purchase another character slot in order to create another character. This is A complete SCAM. I knew this game was a cash grab but come on...

Read the posts in this this thread. The deletion message mentions you will not receive the permit back. Can't really call it scam.


However, I do believe that it should be the slot you purchase and not a character. But much like alot of other things in the game, make sure you have what you want before you commit.

After this premium membership is up, I’m done supporting them. I will not give them a single dollar. I refuse to support a company that recklessly takes advantage of its player base.

I'll be putting the linked thread above on my pinned guides and help thread and bolding it like the other two questions that have answers that a lot of people have been asking: https://forum.pso2.com/topic/1096/guides-and-help-mega-thread

They literally tell you this during the creation. How is it a scam?

@Scribblemonk said in WARNING-Buying character slot is a SCAM:

during the creation

But not when you purchase/etc.

@coldreactive Hmmm I was not aware of that, I'm not on the NA servers yet (PC guy) . I had to research that when I first started due to the language barrier so I assumed it was in the writing. Since this is not the case NA side, then yeah they need to post that upfront .. shouldn't be hard. a "no refunds for deleted characters" would be nice. I don't understand why they would delete the character for any other reason than to change gender tho...

@Scribblemonk said in WARNING-Buying character slot is a SCAM:

for any other reason than to change gender

Be glad this isn't Ragnarok Online. When you create your account for that game, it asks what gender you are in real life. You are locked to creating that gender of characters in game, forever.

@coldreactive good lord how archaic! Probably the manifestation of those individuals who were all weirded out by "guys playing girl toons" which is grossly immature. But considering how old that game is, I'm not surprised. It worked out for them at least. Still ... that is obnoxious.

@coldreactive Thank you. I'm sure it will help. I know alot of people are new to the game and unaware of these things, but the game has always been this way and the language barrier is gone. You can know most of the occurring issues with a little bit of reading.

Fro reference, here is the screen when you purchase a Character Creation Permit:


It probably would be beneficial for them to add a line of yellow text that highlights that you are not purchasing a character "slot" in the traditional sense. @GM-Deynger, would it be possible to pass such a suggestion along?

It asks if you want to purchase a "Character Creation Permit" and not a character slot. At the top it also states you need a permit to created additional characters. It's pretty clear you are buying another character and not a slot.

@SirDoodlesAlot One thing I have learned in life is never assume that everyone has good reading comprehension or deductive reasoning. Sometimes for customers you have to spell things out like if they are five-years-old.

@AndrlCh Yeah, that's true. Wouldn't hurt to throw the words "*not a character slot" in there.


That’s pretty vague to be honest. It can be taken multiple ways,l. In my case, and I assume many others, were used to other games where you buy the slot, and we just assume this would the same. I’ve never played a game where you buy the character and not the slot.

Like pointed out, It should be noted when purchasing the character. My fault for not reading through the wall of text when deleting the character to begin with. So that’s on me. However, they need to make important details like that much more apparent. There should be a big bold warning, right at the top, not second paragraph in.