Weapon Camos, Specifically Rod

Are there any other Rod camos other than the Lilipan ones? They're not that great and every other weapon has some really great ones! Rod seems to be a bit left out..

I did buy *Repple Lamere, as apparently it's target group lists the Rod but when equipped it didn't actually change the appearance of my Rod..

*Repple Lamere targets Wands, not Rods.

Remember, the Rod icon has a thinner, longer handle (alt text) and the Wand one has a larger "head" to it (alt text).

That said, from the Photon Booster Shop, *Kaguraise , *Kurahaise , *Rosso Bulto , *Verde Bulto , *Bio Cellular , *Live Cellular , and *A Leaf in the Autumn Breeze work with Rods.

"Leaf in an Autumn Breeze" works on Rods. There are a few others in the Photon Booster shop that apply to ALL weapons (except Harmonizers), and a few that will apply to Rods and a handful of other weapons (as AndrlCh said, be sure to pay close attention to the icons because Rod and Wand are very similar). I've started up a thread in which I am hoping to collect screenshots of ALL the multi-weapon camos applied to various weapons (as the preview only ever shows a "default" weapon, such as the Repple Lamere you bought only showing its Partisan form).