High Max out Level Players Quitting

@Scribblemonk NO! ONLY XBOX PLAYERS!

Once it releases on PC, everything will be great like JP was.

Gonna be honest here... its only going to get worse from this point forward... no one wants to carry people especially since half the community isnt even properly geared or leveled so instead of complaining about 75/75 players dipping low level lobbies maybe you all should spend less time screwing about in the lobbies and more time grinding and leveling so people dont have to dip low level lobbies


Yeah, my initial experiences with Luther were roughly a 50% chance of clearing. I would clear one, then fail one. Rinse and repeat. People are doing much better at it now, though I did indeed fail a couple over the past week. Most have been clears though so I can live with that.

@Risefromruin89 yes, most people are demonstrating the ability to learn from what went wrong, which is a really positive thing. In the JP version it wasn't always clear what the problem was because if you didn't have english speakers in your lobby, you couldn't find out.

I always make sure to ask in the pre-fight lobby if everyone knows what is about to happen and what to do so that I can explain at the very least where to attack. The dodging, wellll... that comes with experience.

Just have to unlock expert when they debut it because UQs will only get more and more difficult with newer content.

@Zarozian We shall see what we shall see. I don't look down on console players and judge them all under the same umbrella. I have made plenty of friends on consoles. I think of it as more of a cultural paradigm. NA is much more competitive as a whole, JP has elitism as well but it is a different flavor. NA players on the JP platform were generally super polite because they knew that there would be little to no support if they got banned, so not rocking the boat was the wiser course of action. Not so much when it is your home turf. I could be wrong ... but I'm not going to sit here and say that nirvana will be obtained when PC comes online. We will see how the community changes and adjusts to come next month. I still keep my fingers crossed for greater harmony, this is a very awesome social game ... I hope it doesn't change.

@redPG said in High Max out Level Players Quitting:

Just have to unlock expert when they debut it because UQs will only get more and more difficult with newer content.

It's pretty much impossible to solo the Emergency / Urgent Quest that has you flying the mech against that fleet of ships. Which is still in the JP version. Though pretty much any non-mech Emergency Quest can be solo'd with Scion / Successor classes.

@Scribblemonk NA players were super polite on JP?

Ship 2 was the epitome of online toxicity (could give LoL a run for its money) and was primarily the english ship. The elitism in the NA game comes from players who played the JP version. Brand new players don't know enough to bother being an elitist about things yet.

@John-Paul-RAGE there is ALWAYS an exception, you say red I say blue. I'm not going to say you are wrong . What you have experienced is your truth. I am just going to say being a Ship 10 guy myself, my experience was totally opposite of yours.

@John-Paul-RAGE said in High Max out Level Players Quitting:

NA players were super polite on JP?

They were so toxic JP players abandoned ship 2 as a quarantine for the obnoxious channers. The ship 2 players are entirely the root cause of why people, for a brief time, wanted all westerners banned from PSO2.

i see nothing wrong with dipping out on lower level lobbies for luther right now. When i have to solo as a 75/75 ra/hu and join to see myself as the only 75....there is no way i am staying in that group.

I tried once, while rangers screwed up my blight shots. People just laying there dead for 5 minutes. I stayed the whole 30, once. I'll never forget it, and i'll never do it again.

I will say that level is kind of a poor indicator of how well an MPA will do, especially in this game.

While in general, yes lower level means lower stats, there are also plenty of ways to mitigate that difference. For all you know that level 50 player you abandoned the quest over has class boosts from several other classes, and/or really well affixed gear, and/or just solid game knowledge and skills.

Conversely, you can get to 75 and still not really know what you're doing. No real way to tell what will happen until you actually play. And yeah, it sucks to get stuck carrying, but it can happen no matter what level the others are.

@Radical-Rat true, but it only takes a couple extra seconds to see they are rocking the CF or a rarity 10 weapon.

IMO you should only play against enemies that don't give you an exp penalty (because of lvl difference), not just expect to be carried by high level players in hard missions. People should also get good equipment and all that, but seeing the level on top of a character head is the fastest way.

A seasoned level 50 from jp servers can do just fine. I myself beat elder running a 52/64. Honestly I saw players above 68 being dropped from 1 hit of luther. It can be done IF you know what your doing. I know his calls and attacks and can avoid most unless someone runs into me when he does the dagger drops or a time freeze where everyone runs from the sword im under and get blasted. But the issue is players just not knowing what to do. Such as people without blind attacking the clock or when its open shooting him from behind? I saw 2 rangers doing this once. not sure if they were actually hiting him back there.