High Max out Level Players Quitting

@QBlockGaming As a Ranger it is not fun to carry groups if there are people overwriting Blight Shot constantly and completely disregarding any advice/direction they are given.

I don't bother queuing for it currently because I have gotten all I needed, but 1/3 times there was a vastly under-leveled group that just attacks the closed clock and nothing else. In cases like that, leaving before the UQ joining period is perfectly justifiable.

If you are in the 50s, the least you can do is conduct supply runs for everyone that you want to carry you. (Example is doing supply runs to the ship and back)

I am all for helping those who have a legitimate desire to learn, but I am not going to mule for people who won't even try.

Not gonna lie. If i jump into a luther mpa and see like 10 lvl 50s, yes i will jump out and not help. I'm not going to waste 30 minutes killing a boss with crap loot with them. I would rather roll the dice and get a better group. This is why we need expert match making.

I though going back to the ship will take away your S-Rank?????

and if you lose your S-Rank then you get Bad Drops????

IS the Above correct

Going back does drop you to A rank. Though luther is the big UQ atm even if i happen to fail outside not getting the exp he does not drop anything worthwhile. Good drops wont really be here till profound darkness and above.

@NEXTEL-CUP said in High Max out Level Players Quitting:

I though going back to the ship will take away your S-Rank?????

and if you lose your S-Rank then you get Bad Drops????

IS the Above correct

Rank does not affect drops to the best of my knowledge. I've totally bombed missions with a C-rank (intentionally, to get boss kills for COs faster) and have still gotten 10* or higher loot.

Can you post a something supporting that C-Rank does not affect Drops?

@NEXTEL-CUP I mean, my personal experience has shown that rank doesn't matter. I've got 300 hours on my character on NA and multiple characters with hundreds of hours on JP, and have never seen a lower drop chance with a lower rank.

While searching for a concrete "proof", I'm seeing conflicting reports, but the guide that says it DOES matter was written in 2014, while another guide saying it DOESN'T matter was written in 2016.

The only thing I can prove is that it hasn't affected my drops. I got a B on a SH Luther run while playing my Summoner class, and still got 3 Sigma weapons and 3 Deo weapons, along with his entire armor set.

I will never gove up an S-Rank. Why would they make a Rank if it does not affect anything

@NEXTEL-CUP because it shows up on your profile. You can see your percentage of S-ranks, but to the best of my knowledge it doesn't affect drops.

Look at it this way, if you're doing a quest and it had just started, and you pop open a boss's core, there's no way for the game to know what your quest ranking is while determining loot. There's all sorts of superstitions about this game and what affects loot and PSE bursts and rare enemy spawns, and your quest ranking is just one more of them.

Also, you need an S or an A rank to receive quest completion credit for some client orders.

@NEXTEL-CUP for the 1 and done boss UQ missions, the drop rewards aren't impacted by the mission rank.

Repeatable missions with a boss at the end are impacted by the mission rank.

If you want to read it for yourself, go to the japanese pso2wiki site.

Rank does NOT affect drops in repeatable quests, what does is the amount of enemies killed on the way which usually should result in a S rank if you killed enough for maximum amount of drops. Rank never will affect the drops you get from a boss.

@Kos pretty easy to test. Go run an expedition and kill the boss with rank C and no breaks, then repeat with rank S and no breaks.

You will see a difference.

You will see a difference... because Rank in those quest is based on kill count. Kill count is the only thing that affects the amount of drops you get from bosses there.

Ranks are based on kill count (in most cases.) In some cases it's based more on time or contribution.

For kill count by the way... as a protip: Anything that doesn't "flee" on the map radar (flashing/blinking) over time, you need to kill all of those enemies on the map. (IE: If they're flashing/fleeing, they don't need to be killed.) Or else your kill count will suffer. You can force some enemies to flee by completing emergency codes.

I really liked the Quest better in PSU where you had to kill everything to get and S rank.

It forced people to stay together and not get spread out.

Now people start going in random directions. Or you get that Dbag that runs ahead and kills the Boss.

Also with the whole No Mic thing people dont cordinate. IF people would just use their mics they could cordinate and kill the Boss.