Direct X12 - Standard in Windows 10 & Xbox One

I can't help but notice that Direct X9 is on the JP versions of this game. Will Direct X be updated in the foreseeable future for more vibrant grass textures and character models?

DirectX 12 has no significant updates over DirectX 11 for the mass amount of users who would play this game. You also have to consider how the CPU usage implementation is for this game and its relation to DirectX. If it's too intertwined, the whole game may have to be remade.

An example of this is in Final Fantasy XIV. Base shadow rendering (IE: Character shadows on the ground, or large objects that cast a shadow from the sun's light) were not touched when they upgraded from DirectX9. This is because Shadows like those in FFXIV are rendered completely on the CPU.

That requirement is only present for UWP apps, what little evidence there is of the PC version indicates it would be an executable similar to the JP version. (References to a launcher in the manual and support page, MS Store now allows win32 apps, Sega doesn't really make UWP versions of their PC games (mainly mobile titles)).

This makes sense too from a development perspective... why, development-wise, further segment the platforms? Especially if a Steam version is planned down the line... why compile patches for TWO different PC versions (EXE and UWP) + the Xbox One version + all the JP versions?