Premium expired 3 weeks early

Got a premium pass for a month from xbox ultimate perk. I used it on April 16th, and its expired already. How and where do I fix this? I get to the Contact us button, and it just freezes or resets to the same page.

That means it expired march 16th so it didn't expired early that's the correct expiration

@ComplexZeru The Premium Pass Tickets themselves don't have an expiration date, and using them extends the time on your Premium status regardless of when they were purchased. This means I can buy a 30-Day Ticket today, hold onto it until July 1st, then use it, and I will get 30 days of Premium status. The fact that their Premium expired in less than a week is definitely a bug if they used the Ticket on the 16th.

@ElythraBlue See if this link works: