Unable to see own messages?

Okay, so here's what's going on. For some reason, I can't see anything I type out in chat. Autowords, chat macros, anything. I can see symbol arts I put out, and I know I'm not muted, because others respond to what I say. Is this some sort of issue? Or did I hit a setting I didn't know I hit, at some point?

Have you tried restarting your XBox (using the "Restart" function, not the "Turn Console Off")? A lot of issues seem to be related to the game not liking the console going into power save mode.

No need to turn off the Xbox. Best to close the game from the Xbox home screen and reopen for each new session. My friend solved it this way on pso2 prem day. This will likely help with game performance as well.

But yeah, they really should try to solve that somehow. In general, the "savestate" thing the xbone does isn't really handled from pso2's end.

@Pun another potential culprit is that sometimes Xbox live has what is called a "partial outage". During these periods you can still play games online, but messaging/party functions might be limited or inaccessible.

If you leave the game on for long periods of time and a partial outage happened during any point of that period, you will have to restart the client by closing it out completely.