Help please

How do I get the cool things that people put like armor on. Like the wings and the sunshine strips and stuff. I don’t know what they’re called

Usually Accessories. Sometimes Outfits.

Once you get the desired accessories/outfits, make sure to hide your units/armor:

@coldreactive How do I get accessories?

@QuietMonster843 You can get Accessories from the FUN and AC Scratches, the Fresh Finds Shop, and the Gold Tier of the Mission Pass. You can also buy them from other players from their Personal Shops.

@AndrlCh geez, it seems there’s a lot I don’t know still. Where do you go for peoples personal shops?

@QuietMonster843 You access Personal Shops from the Visiphone:

alt text

The first time you access the Personal Shops, it will ask you to create a 2nd Password; this Password must be 5 numbers (no letters or symbols), and will be used anytime you access the Personal Shops (though you typically only need to put it in once per session). Think of it like your ARKS ATM PIN.

What you'll probably want to do first is click "product search," go about 1/4 the way down the page and there's a drop-down menu where you can sort by category. For aesthetic stuff you're looking at Outfits, Layerable Wear, and Accessories. However, some of what you are seeing might actually be armor, or "units." Sub Units are hidden, but there are Back, Leg, and Arm units that do add a bit of visual flair (and can also be "stealthed" if you don't like the look of it but don't want to lose the stat benefits).

I don't know for sure but it may be possible to use the "Nearby Characters" option on your main menu to get a closer look at a particular player and while I haven't tried this myself (AndrlCh can probably confirm this, they've been a HUGE help to me getting my bearings in this game) you might be able to use the options there to check what Units they have equipped, which you can then search for in the Personal Shops and preview to make sure that's what's giving them the visual effect that caught your eye.

And a quick note about the Product Search function, it's not overly intuitive at first glance. I thought it was useless at first because I was trying to find the Riad Falco armor I had found while browsing and it wouldn't show me any results whether I searched "Riad," "Falco," or both. Turns out it needs to have the EXACT item name (in my case "Riad Falco [Ou]"). However, you CAN type part of the name in, then click the button right next to the search bar (not the search options at the bottom of the page, yet). This will open up a window listing items that match that search and you can pick the item right off that list, then go to the search options at the bottom of the page (search by price being the preferred choice as it lists the cheapest options first).

@zaffy2005 You are correct; using the Nearby Characters functions allows you to check a Player's Equipment and their Fashion details.