Most PowerFull Machine Gun???????

  1. Does anyone knwo what the most Power Full Machine Gun is???

  2. What would be the best Photon Art for the Machine Gun????

THanks in advance. When I get off of Work I buying a Machine Gun. I finally saved up 12 mill. I sold all my Special Weapons??? in the Shop. Thanks

H10 Missouri T is the best from what I hear.

For PA's it depends on what you're going for. Standard workhorse Art is Steady Shooting. Dispersion Round is good for clearing out mobs close quarters as well as dealing heavy damage to weak spots when you don't have time to charge up Satellite Cannon, and probably Satellite Cannon gives you the most up front damage but leaves you animation locked and can't follow a boss, making it a little overly situational.

Generally, Elder rebellion is your go to long range pa. Grim barrage or dead approach are your movement skills each having their pros and cons. Shift period, gunslinger spin, and messiah time all have their places for mobbing, and most people will use satelite aim for chain trigger bursting when you can safely do so. If you have the super charge tmg art skill, while I can't remember the name of the skill(even though I use it) it helps with maintaining airtime as gunners should always be in the air. That's my 2 cents.

Thanks for all the Tips.

I got the Machine Gun on Star below the Missouri with a grind that gives it 1061 Hit. I went to the Damage Calculator Mission and the most I could do in 20 second Burst was 140k.

I am level 62 Gunner and when I use my ELder Rifle =30 I can do 201k in 20 seconds.

I was hoping I could do more damage with Machine Guns. But the Assault Rifle alawyas hits and seems to be the best Damage Dealer

If it's an accuracy thing maybe you need to be a bit closer with the MG's? AR's seem to be able to hit anything if it's tagged as hittable, but the MG's are supposed to be a lot more limited in range.

@NEXTEL-CUP If possible, can you post what your Skill Tree looks like? Maybe you are missing some multipliers that boost TMG's damage output.