Fresh starts can be a common theme for all of us and regardless of being level cap now on one of my characters, there is still MUCH to be learned. Me and a couple of friends thought to go ahead and start up an alliance. I've helped some of these friends and others level, but it's time to start growing our tree and building up HQ!

We're on Ship 2. We are CelestiaKnights and we're ready to roll. We're just starting the whole thing so there is a lot to plan and discuss accordingly.

I have a 75 Fo/Te. and a 64 Te/Hu (Dimidia) + two alt characters. We're gonna be working on a Discord as well for communication outside of Xbox LIVE but building for now is key.

A goal for the time being is to always have a group to run UQs, SHAQs, VHAQs, or farm gear. We don't care if you're brand new or a vet.

We could all use a bit more understanding and compassion. All are welcome.