personal quarters fixes

there isn't much I want t say here, I just want to ask that the fototage/square spaces of the personal quarters and items inside so that you can allign things symmetrically and items can be placed amongst the quarters while not looking strung about whilly nilly. and maybe add multiple room extensions purchaseable within the quarters or makle different types of quarters purchaseable like some with different floors or designs

You can have 2 adjacent rooms. You can transform any of the 3 rooms into bigger rooms. There are and will be multiple themes you can change individually for each room+balcony

I didn't understand the first part, there is nothing preventing you from arranging decorations symmetrically using the grid, unless you cant items to be mirrored because they don't have a symmetric shape.

@landman if you mean moving from on room to another I know that I mean like having multiple rooms in side one "room" like have a bedroom as well as the space they give you. also I haven't heard or seen anything of larger rooms but what I was trying to say is that you cant align things down the center of a room without there being more space on on side than the other because of the square count and spacing and the way they work. also now that I'm thinking about it as well, it would be nice if wall items didn't take up floor space and it would be nice if items for example like stone replica could be placed next to each other but directly next to each other where they touch. or it would be nice if you could flip the room 90 degrees so it would be horizontal.

@BiggethBONE The Japanese server does have extra rooms, and size extensions, I have not played the NA server yet so I don't know if you didn't find the content or if the content is blocked there, but it should be in the FUN shop for 1500 F each item.


Some items can be centred, some items can't, that depends if they take up even or odd spaces.