Add an option to toggle the profanity filter

While obviously not everyone wants to see people swearing constantly in the lobby, this is an M rated game, and NPCs get to swear all they like. Hell, Afin says a few right in the tutorial. So isn't it a bit silly that players aren't allowed to say ANY "inappropriate" words at all? Simply dropping a "Filter Profanity In Chat" option in the menu should be fine for everyone, yeah?

Apologies if one exists already and I'm just blind, but I couldn't find anything when I looked.

For the pas 20 years (almost) I've been wondering what does "con" mean in what language to censor it in game, I wish it was removed from the filter if it is not actually a REALLY bad word, it makes it hard to write in a language where it's actually a VERY common preposition.

Non-English Languages shouldn't be censored in North American's client anyway.

@Radical-Rat I agree that there should be a toggeable filter that by default is turned on (streaming purposes) but can be turned off.

Also, the game is currently T for Teen on the Microsoft store for the time being, haven't gotten confirmation as to why though.


That's interesting... It was M during the beta.

In any case, Language is listed there, and Online Interactions Not Rated By The ESRB, so... Point stands, and yeah I agree it should be on by default

How can this game be OFFICIALLY released and yet they can't even do something as easy as displaying the same rating between sites. Sad.

The rating's always been an oddity if you looked at what other regions gave the game. I know that the game is only available 'officially' in North America but the game's rating across the ESRB, PEGI, ACB and so on were all done simultaneously as part of the application process. The oddity in general comes from the fact that other countries' ratings were actually LOWER than the initial M rating the game got.


Both being ratings that sit somewhere between ESRB's E10+ and T rating. These ratings were present even during the Beta periods where the game had an ESRB M rating.

I very much agree... personally I find a mandatory filter offensive; it became a major reason why I left a certain MMO recently.

Bump. Please add the option to turn off the profanity filter. On by default is fine as long as I can turn it off because I'm not a kid and have no interest trying to decipher what people are saying.

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I agree.

People are just going to circumvent the censor any ways.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know to put a period or comma in the middle of a swear word.

People are going to do this, and they always have done this, all the way back to the Dreamcast PSO over 20 years ago.

Yes, please add an option for us Adults that play to turn the filter off.

I've only been playing pc for a few days and I haven't even seen any chat (other than from npcs)??? I saw my own a couple times when I said hi. Is something turned off by default?? I was curious that there was absolutely no spam chat or anything - as crowded as the lobby is.

Didn't know chat was censored. I do think an option to toggle it on or off with it set to on my default is a good idea though.

Titties yay, but watch your potty mouth.