Down grade Photon boosters etc.

I would love to see us get the ability to down grade photon items I can get a tone of booster but I don’t get a lot of the other, we have the ability to upgrade just so the same in reverse Even if that means we get diminishing returns on the downgrade

I'm pretty sure they stack up to 999 at least, and thus you should be putting them in your storage until you need them. That's why Visiphones are basically everywhere. Final Fantasy XIV allowed people to exchange higher elemental crystals for lower tiers in Legacy / 1.0, but this was removed in 2.0+ despite not having easy ways to get them. I don't see it being a big deal.

@coldreactive you misunderstand I want the ability to turn the boosters back to spheres, I can get boosters pretty regular but I have been getting the photon drops less and less lately, I still get them via arks missions and CO but I feel like I’m not getting them as much anymore

Just say your update so you do understand lol

I agree, I believe that we should be able to downgrade photon boosters. Especially as a sumoner I have far less use for photon boosters as I have for photon spheres, I can at least put photon spheres towards pet supplies shop items and exp boosts, instead of the photon booster shop basically having a bunch of weapons I can't use