Why didn't they pick up where the first PSO left off?

@TURION-MOONSTAR It was more than likely a climate or resource crisis, and was "dying" in the sense that if things continued the way they were, it would no longer be able to sustain life, or at least not be able to sustain humanity. Mother Trinity essentially did "save" the planet from "dying" by knocking the surviving people of Coral to a point where they could no longer exploit the planet's resources.

@Leonkh99 Great more Fake games. >.<

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Every mainline entry from PSU onwards, regardless of the name, are meant to be taking place in their own separate universe. During each "mainline" era, the identity of the Phantasy Star franchise is based off of whatever mainline title's active, Phantasy Star Portable isnt called "Phantasy Star Universe Portable" nor is Phantasy Star Nova called "Phantasy Star Online 2 Nova" (exception to this rule is PS0).

PSO1's story concluded in Episode 3 (which is chronologically the last Episode)

PSU's story concluded in Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity.

PSO2's story may be concluding with Episode 6.

Whatever comes next, be it PSO3, PSU2 or say... Phantasy Star Galaxy (made up name), would be taking place in its own separate universe with some common elements carried over (currency is still Meseta, Rappies are present, same three races and classes to start us off is present, etc).

Great More fake games.

all games are fake; that's why they are games

WARNING: PSO2 is canon.

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WARNING: PSO2 is canon.

I mean this is a continuation of the story, everything is little by little with no spoilers.

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I want to know why they made a new story instead of continuing the first one because I want to find out if pioneer 2 ever got permission to land on Ragol.

It is not shown explicitly in ep. 3, but the only proof we have is at the end of the ending credits after Pollux, Castor and Amplum Umbra are defeated. There are some pictures of Pioneer 2 landing on Ragol.

I did a video some days ago :

PSO Ep. 3 - Ending Credits

@Nei Hmm, I will have to check that up later. On a side note, while playing the ruins map, I noticed the tower in the background looks similar to mother Trinity's. I know it's not the same but I had to stop and look.

The "Ruins" from PSO 1 was probably the Alisa III worldship form Phantasy Star III Generations of Doom. But it wasent confirmed either way. Point being;It's all just a excuse to keep Dark Force/Falz resurrected every 1000 years in seemingly multiple universes.