How viable is it to play completely F2P?

I have a friend that’s been free this whole time and he has way more money then me, granted he only wears a kimono now and Whatever he can get from the mission pass stuff, he’s even got a better elder rifle then me he did lick out on drops that’s for sure, well that and he has found some gear wrongly priced but all of the affixing that he has done was all without paying a dime with irl money, he does his dailies and weeklies with 3 characters and gotten a few 3 day shop passes from fun( he said he spent about 30k fun to get 4 of them ) so it is all doable, hack when the other episodes drop you’ll be able to get gear just by grinding out Collections as well as earning coupons for max grind weapons


If you literally just do your weeklies on all three free character slots, you can have your full set of Saikis within two weeks, MAYBE three if the market isn't cooperating. And that's not even counting other sources of income.

Yes, selling cosmetics is the quickest way to make money, but it is definitely not the only viable option. On JP I literally never touched the market in years of playing and I still managed to get the top tier units and weapons by just y'know... Playing the game. NA's a bit harder right now because we don't have the really good farming content yet, or even the good equipment, but it will come in time. Until then, do your weeklies. You'll make plenty of money there

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I don't play this game to rock sigmas and 10-star units. Can you use that gear and get by? Yes. To me, that is casual player logic and I'm not a casual. My standards for gear are higher than that. I'm not complaining that it should be easy to get. I was giving an example on how casual free players can't make enough money to afford that stuff.

I also found it funny that a couple people told me to just farm saiki units and grind for money. Bro, I have over 350 hours and recently the only statistically rare items I got to drop were the two most worthless 13-stars that can drop; card revolsio and gunblade revolsio. Yeah, lemme just keep grinding with my 250% rare drop boosters and my 100% tri-boosts and by 2025 I'll finally have enough to afford what I'm trying to get atm. lol

You can't tell me how to play this game. I already have my standards set. I also know that because I'm a free player (until the PC version comes out) that my current goals aren't achievable. There is no denying that. So going back to the OP's question, yes, you can get by as a casual free player, but not as a hardcore player with the goal of obtaining the best gear available at any given time.

Your standards are garbage then. It's clear you're doing nothing but trolling now.

Can a mod just close this already? It's obvious the guy is trolling and just wants to keep complaining and lying.

Whales gonna be whales.

As a PSO2JP player, i would like to point out that while it is true that at this specific moment, spending a lot of money on RNG manipulation can give you a decisive edge in this particular stage of the game, let us not forget this stage is momentary and fleeting.

And for any casual reading this, know that in later episodes, and especially Episode 5 and 6, gearing up becomes much easier and there are endless "Catch up" events and entire weapon/unit lines designed with casuals and new players in mind.

In fact, while i do not want to spoil what you get in them, there are two events between EP5 and EP6 where they will allow players to follow a simple line of quests and attendance achievements to obtain the very best gear in the game, and even multiple copies of.

What is "top tier loot" today, in just a few months of catch-up patches will become fodder you will hate to see dropped, and will curse the heavens when it is given you as a reward, so do not stress too much about the *13 period.

It will not last, and much more fair and casual-friendly content is on the way.

Heck, eventually max grinded *13´s with no abilities will be given on nearly daily quests just for you to use as grind fodder lol