What's your strategy for the ARKs Rappies tomorrow?

As a reminder, loot every piece of equipment the ARKs Rappies drop for a chance of obtaining ARKS Fever

With the Return of the Rappy tomorrow for PSO2 day, what will your approach be to farm them?

I may run expedition with the goal of triggering codes, or choose a linear VHAQ/SHAQ map that I can quickly clear mobs for the sake of bursting/code spawning.

My objective is a lots and lots and lots of Fever augments.

Edit: Link for the news post here

For the uninitiated, ARKS Fever is a special potential/augment that raises All ATK Stats, DEX and sometimes PP:

alt text

The "Max" variant is fusing multiple Fevers together.

@coldreactive yes, and fever is extremely useful for upslotting due to the 100% success rate.

PSO2 day extended til the 24th! Woohooo