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I feel that the items available should later be available via FUN or AC scratches (and therefore able to be traded/sold). The current system is a nightmare on OCD people like myself who want two of every accessory so that everything is account-registered. There is no possible way to make enough Star Gems for free currently that could result in every item registered. Meseta I can farm like mad and make it work for AC Scratch items, so an alternative needs to happen fro Fresh Finds to make playing this sustainable for people like myself. On a similar note, when will we see another xbox controller accessory like the one we got from gamepass originally so we can do an account register with that one?

For those confused, using an accessory ticket twice makes it always available on the account across all characters. Using it once makes it only available on the character who used it.

Likely won't happen, At first the items from the FFS were tradeable so you were able to do this for a short time but they ended up removing this and taking down the FFS then making the items non tradeable for the next run, All the items from before are still tradeable but this is pretty much how it is with the FFS.

The FFS Items are much better half the time then AC items, So it's kinda out there why the FFS Is like that but I understand the reason with not getting 2 Tickets, I agree that we should at least get 2 Tickets then getting 1 as it's annoying using it for 1 character only as from my understanding these items don't come back.

@Zone so far I have not seen any come back around at all, if Iā€™m right the SG scratch items on the JP side are the same an are not tradeable/sellable FF is better the the scratch kinda imo but I do agree we should get 2 of the bind on character items same with the mission pass but on it once you hit 30 the next 5 levels you can choose the same items again so you will get 2 but that limits you to choosing items for all you characters or just one

Does anyone know if FF items will rotate? Like re appear in FF? Take Heavenly Reinment for example.. Are they really going to say "well you should have been on for that 4 hours."

So far I have not see and item come back around

Let's sign a petition! The owners of HR are like "uhhh no im exclusive you bum."

@Nostalgia btw if you want to see preview of the fresh finds items follow this post FF Preview

@SaviorZero82 most def, already do.. Fiona has been great with that. Responsibility to preview should not have to fall at the community's feet imo nonetheless Im grateful for diligent members that are willing to spend their time and money to benefit all of us.

@Nostalgia you are šŸ’Æ correct the community should not have to do this, and yes they are the awesome