Since support dont answer tickets

Do you guys think they will add so Australia players be able to use credit cards to buy stuff in game?

If the game's ever made "officially" available outside of NA? Yes.

But right now the game's release is exclusive to NA and while there is no region blocking so us outside of NA can play they aren't supposed to "officially" have support for things outside of their "service area" (in this case being US and Canada).

just sucks I wanna spend some money and don't really wanna buy cards to do it

Try buying Xbox cards on Play-Asia it’s a bit more expensive tho (the USD currency ones):

Then, just remove any payment methods stored on your Microsoft Account, if any. Then, redeem the code and buy your items.

You will also need to have your Region set for NA

@SaviorZero82 thanks mate ill check it out

To be honest I'm surprised you're playing the NA version, wouldn't latency to the JP servers and applying the english patch be better for you?

I mean... I live in Australia @PrinceBrightstar and I also plan to play on the NA version (once PC comes around). Reason why is something thats hard to explain on my end though...

Also lots of other Online Games / MMOs available in Australia also use servers hosted in the US.

@PrinceBrightstar have mate already play their just rather be around English players and even with the English patch not every think is in English im just playing it on xbox to kill time while waiting for raids on wow most nights but losing interest in this game fast cant even use auction house to sell items with out paying is kind off a joke