So I beat Luther and then didn't get loot for it.

Feels like I wasted a ton of time for literally zero reward. I hit the crystal, nothing came out at all. No badges, no rares, no bathtubs.

Talk about rotten luck.

Looks like the game lagged but all the players were fine, that definitely sux, make sure you do a bug report on here and I would also do one on Xbox as well

Happened to me once last week as well. Luckily he doesn't have any super good drops that I am aware of.

If you only fought the previous monster once, and died before they beat it. No loot would be the proper drop.

To get max loot kill four of the previous mini bosses before Luther.

@OmniChao I'd definitely been farming Doritos beforehand, and rarely die. This seems server-lag induced.

I'm copying and pasting what I just posted in the Technical Issues forum. I'll add that this happened the same exact way both times today. Others are having this issue so it's not just random server lag.

Happened to me twice today. I thought it was a one time thing but apparently not. It happens right after you just beat Luther and see your victory pose. You can see the telepipe, red loot rock (whatever it's called) and the rest of the players. I get a "No response from the PSO2server" The error code I saw was 630. I really felt robbed since it's quite a long fight as it is but you get no EXP or loot. I'm using a Xbox One X btw.

EDIT It happened again today. The error number was 630. Other having same issue except some are actually crashing to the dashboard. I have no problems with any other quests or UQ. Just the Luther one. I'm not even going to waste the time and do it anymore.