How to kill (and irritate) Dark Falz Luther

Hey guys. yesterday, me and my friends, was wondering about something that happened with Luther: He broke off actions and was irritated. So ok, i was asked my self why. Im using a technique class and attacked him with wind techniques. Was that the Mirage Status who is written on the top of this page ?

So we failed yesterday, so im thinkin that was not the much of damage we put to him, or?

If is was the Mirage Status, how we could repeat that?

Thx guys! Mick

so you only use wind to activate mirage and open his clock

Mirage is called Blind on the NA server, and you have to hit the clock itself with Blind (whether it be with a Wind Tech or a weapon with the Blind Ability) to get it to open, giving you a chance to break it and turn it into a permanent weakspot. Keep in mind, you can only open the clock 3 times, and if you don't break it in time, it will stay closed the rest of the fight.

hi read something about 5 Times!

But why did Luther stop his attacks? Is it also "Mirage" (Blind) from a wind attack at the right time?

And what we should so if the Clock forever closed? 💨

thx for the answers!

@mickschen The armor on his forearms can be broken multiple times, but the clock can definitely only be opened three time, at least on SH. Hitting the clock with Blind stuns Luther, as can breaking the armor on his forearms (though sometime it takes him a while to stop for this), thus why he stops attacking.

yes ok cool. So can I also understand that if I break his watch 3 times, that afterwards you go to your arms more because the watch does less damage to attacks because it is closed?

@mickschen If you fail to break the clock in those three openings, then yes, just ignore it for the rest of the fight. Whether you go for the arms or the clock first is up to you, just as long as your whole group is coordinated on focusing on one spot at a time.

ok, thx very much ! We will see us on the battleground arks 😛

I'm finding the bigger issue of this quest on SH is people that just aren't doing damage and others that just quit shortly after starting leaving the group shorthanded. The last one I was in didn't even get him to the first swords phase before the quest time expired.

@Ukyo-Sonoda Yeah, they really need to implement the abandoning penalty from the JPN server for these "older" UQs.

An other Issue that im seeing are players who attack all the Time the closed brest 😄 That makes me angry when im seeing that there are people you attack the big boss with 30-40 Points Attack Damage ^^

@mickschen The reason why they are doing that is most likely to inflict Blind on it, so the clock will open up. If they're spamming Sazan on it, that's exactly what they're trying to do.

But the Clock will only open 3 Times or not?

@mickschen I decided to go back through some old documentation, and it is actually four times; the thing is that after the third time, the clock seems to get a much higher resistance to Blind, meaning that it is much more difficult to open it the fourth time.

on super hard?