Zaro's Build For Hunter! [Updated To New Changes]

You ignored perfect fury bonus and maxed out sidestep plus on a class that can perfect guard easily and gets bonuses for it. You claim it's because you value being tanky, but went fury stance instead of guard stance despite GS being tankier AND doing more damage.

Your "build" is terrible and I feel bad for anyone you've coached and who's skill tree you ruined.

It's not "preference", you're literally just picking a mathematically inferior distribution of points instead of a build that makes you more effective in a vast majority of situations in this game.

The value of iron will and stalwart spirit is also debate-able, as it falls in to that common trope of "you have to be bad to proc it in the first place", where as you can justify automate because it reduces down time created by using mates. Given how tanky hunter is and how absurdly sustainable they are with perfect guard healing and more, the frequency with which you should be proccing it should be insanely low, and if it isn't, then you're just bad and should be playing another class anyway.


Overload is main class only though. gotta be Fighter primary.

Why make a "build for hunter" and say it's just a stepping stone class? Why do you say you "never dodge" yet dump points to max dodge I-frames? You contradict yourself and offer terrible advice that contradicts yourself. Your build is far from optimal. Hopefully no one is unfortunate enough to look for a hunter build on here and follow your advice.....

Yeah this build suck.s As expected people who jumped the ship for Hero in big part can't even make a reasonable skill tree, which is big part why it was so successful. Sega just removed nearly any build choices and so possibility of failure with their successor classes.