-Ship 2- Khimera Block 7

Cheers all, Reselath from Khimera here.

If you're here to check us out as a potential alliance, then we're glad to hear it! If you're already a part of the alliance, thank you for joining the discord. Our alliance discord and alliance message boards in-game will always be the best source of information to stay up to date on anything happening during the week.

Khimera is an alliance based on simply enjoying the game at your own pace. We foster an environment that will allow you to enjoy the game as casually or as hardcore as you would like. What does that mean for you?

  • Casual players are able to progress at their desired pace. Want a level a day, or 5? Enjoy fashion the extreme? Pimp your room? Or you want to hit the hardest content, but at your pace? We provide that environment

  • Players in the middle ground are able to grow in skill and gear, while not being punished for not spending every minute into the game, while being able to make meaningful progress.

  • Hardcore players are able to grind as hard as they want, with their cliques, and with others.

Each and every one of us comes from a different background and wants different things. This alliance is meant to be a community for everyone here to enjoy PSO2. If you enjoy playing games, making friends, awful dad jokes, beating up loot pinatas, maybe enjoy a drink or five depending on the night, or want to have a great time, then we hope that you'll enjoy your time with us!

Head into our discord: https://discord.gg/JJxUDCT or message Reselath#8502 if you'd like to chat!

Just wanted to note, growth and activity has been fantastic. Shoutout to our team. Been around for barely a week and already cleared top 30!

Most recent raffle ended, two members ended up with one recruit line select ticket and one got an urban outfitters select ticket. This weeks giveaway is fantastic as well~