Episode 4 for NA

I haven't seen any news on release for this and am done with the main story till episode 4. When is this coming out?

We don't know at this time, though some speculate that it will be at the time of the PC release in late May.

Just a bit of warning though. EP4 is kinda out there in terms of story. It's pretty wild and can be considered a bit lewd. I just hope normies don't whine about it. =/

We get back on track on episode 5 though and things get really serious again in episode 6. Great stuff.

Actually I been watching some the jp old videos and I'm excited for it. Absolute insanity looks amazing. Been a fan of PSO since vanilla PSO on the Dreamcast. Was really sad when they didn't release it to North America till now. I'm loving every minute of it. I've even played the Phantasy Star Zero on the DS which was so good!

@Raven-Lockheart My favorite is the EQ for EP4's boss. There's two! The warship and the Mother.

My guess is June 9th.

Well the Battleship Yamato had it´s maiden voyage in August 8. I doubt they will consider it, plus it would be too far if they want to catch up to JP by Christmas, but it would be cute.

The story of ep4 I'm not concerned with. Honestly I don't care about PSO2 story in general. But everything that comes with episode 4 outside of story is what I'm anticipating. Especially the Ep 1-3 LQ

Guys, the game was in beta till like a week ago, where it officially released. Just be patient for a while.

I don't think we'll get Episode 4 till after like a month after the PC version releases.

So the update schedule so far has introduced a new UQ in order of their release in story. We got Elder, then Luther. The next UQ should be the first of three from Episode 3, then if they continue putting out a new UQ every 2 weeks, Episode 4 should come out just about 2 months from now.

They already said there would be a plan to release the rest of the content by the end of the year. So it all depends on how they space it out. There isn't any news out, because they haven't released any. And no one in here has anything but speculations.

In conclusion, I'm not sure what you were trying to find out.