Crossplay & Crosssave?


i can't wait 1 Month or Longer to play Pso2 so i wanna buy a XB1 and play PSo2 on Xbox and change later on PC (1 Month) but my question is, its working? can i play with my XB1 Account on PC NA with same Savegame? Sorry for my bad English.

I was also confused, and after doing a bit of searching I have some information...

  • Phantasy Star Online 2 will have full support for Cross-play between PC and Xbox One. - This has multiple confirmations across multiple news sources. A few sources I can think of are IGN, Polygon, E3 2019 Trailer for Phantasy Star Online 2. ( Sorry for not including links, but a google search of these sites should help)
  • Phantasy Star Online 2 Cross-save is planned between PC and XBox One. This is according to information posted on twitter ( see: ). This does not mean that cross-save will be available right away. I found this on another thread on this forum.

It's in my mega thread pinned in the Guides & Help forum:

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Thanks for the info so i buy a Xbox now! 🙂