Force Subclass

Hello everyone I was wondering if there are any other options for Force Subclass. I really wanted to play Fo/Br but I was told that it was nerfed and no longer viable I am also curious about Fo/Fi. I want to be good at what I do I don't mind taking extra time to make a build work but if Fo/Te is really the only true option we have please let me know. If there is another option please can you give me some skill tree tips and helpful information since there isn't a whole lot of information currently that I can find that isn't Fo/Te.

Fo/Te is usually the best option just due to the great PP management it has; Fo/Fi is also a usable build, but it is more niche.

It is primarily focused around using alternating Lightning Techs (due to Force's Lightning Tech PP Preservation Skill and Fighter's Tech Arts Skills) and Stance dancing (aka switch back and forth between Valiant and Wise Stance as needed). Basically something like this:

Also, the Chaser Skills might seem like a great use of points, but keep in mind that they only apply to Melee damage, which you can only get from Rod Normal Attacks and Rod Shot as a Force.

Thank you for the information I was wondering if there is a way to purposely trigger crazy heart to help with pp

Also I see chaser damage I understand that won't work but what about Extra Chaser Damage because it just says attack not melee

@Airsoft-Guns There is one way to trigger it at will, but only when Fighter is your main; Overload counts as a status ailment and thus triggers Crazy Heart.

Other than that, you just need to put yourself into harm's way of attacks to hope to proc it.

Just looked into it, and you are correct, Extra Chaser Damage does apply to Tech and Ranged attacks as well.

@AndrlCh that's too bad I was hoping there was a weapon that would have a chance to prove status on me or something I think PSU had something like that.

I wouldn't recommend Fo/Te currently. Te isn't a great subclass and PP Conversion is a Skill ring anyway so you can use that on a Fo/Fi.

By the time Fo/Te will become Viable there will be better subclasses on the horizon.

Every time I read @Cathy s posts they contradict everything everyone else is saying. So frustrating.

@DHG-Hybr1d to be fair, i expected them to add Ultimate quests much later since now that we have access to Nemesis and Slave we basically can ignore every single Episode 4 weapon...

Fo/Te is good atm but will lose it's edge by EP6.


If you plan to use Techs, this one is a no brainer... The separate elemental skills found at the bottom of both the Force and Techer skill trees make to much of a difference to ignore. Unless you're playing a hybrid character, definitely go Fo/Te.

@BaNeOfNyC Planing a Fo build that isn't using Te as a subclass has nothing to do with being a hybrid.