Subclass XP?

Do subclasses earn less XP than a main class? And at some point does your subclass stop earning xp?

From NullVacancy Reddit

You can only level a subclass with your main up to level 55. At 55 your subclass stops gaining experience and you have to level it through other means.

Please note that this might be outdated Info since i never have leveled a subclass pass 40.

Your subclass earns 20% of your xp until level 55. (Or 20 levels under cap. So it will change when max level changes) Summoner has a skill that let's them level sub class at full xp to the cap.

@Roci187 That is a misconception about the Summoner Skill. It justs adds 100% to a subclass' EXP gain, ie. it gains 50%EXP instead of just 25%EXP, and still just up to lv55. And yes, I have personally verified this on one of my characters.

Also, the 20 levels under thing is not quite right. Even up until the lv85 cap was released on the JPN server, the subclass leveling cutoff was lv55, though there is always the chance they will change it for the NA server.

To quickly level your subclass, and get it beyond 55, switch it to your main before turning in COs/accepting ARKS Mission rewards. You can also use the Exp Tickets you get from titles for this.