Best MAG for katana Braver?

I've done a bit of reading online, but I can't determine which path to take. People say full melee support, then others say full dex support. Thoughts?

Until someone corrects me, I'm pretty sure DEX mag would split 200 DEX to both melee and ranged stats (so, 100 in both). If you plan to use exclusively Katana, just pour it all into Melee.

@Zagi if you are only using the mag for braver only, then dex. If you are also going to play other melee classes on same character then just go melee. Or buy an extra mag and make both dex and mel, which is the route I took and after I had them at 200 I compared the two and dex wins.

I appreciate the responses guys. I was wondering if anyone was gonna answer any of my posts on this forum.. -,-

@Spicy it’s 200 melee power and 200 ranged power. 100% conversion.

Phantom, which isn't out yet, and bouncer are the other classes that use dex mags. If you are going to play those, having the dex mag will be the best. If playing just striking classes, mel is fine.