I'm confused..

So I'm playing & in the heat of battle this voice speaks & has a thought bubble & says " the targets is at D-3" what does this mean & it said something similar the other day like "the target is at E-4... how do I find these areas... please.. I need help...

The map is sectioned off into squares when you bring up the big map. (In addition, the current square you're in is shown below the mini-map.) On the left and top side at the edges of the big map are letters and numbers.

@BlkMetalMagik76 You walked into a "collect" Emergency Code. They want you to pick up a specified object (typically three of them), something like an egg, or "fossils" that randomly pop up around the map. They're telling you where that item has spawned. After enough time elapses it will spawn somewhere else. After you've found three (or whatever the specified number is) you take it to the glowing triangular pillar (which will be marked on your map) and interact with it to drop them off and complete the objective.

Unfortunately the game isn't very "user friendly" when you first start. So much text and voice-overs all piling up at once while you're trying to concentrate on the fight right in front of you, and doesn't offer very clear instructions even when you can focus on it. Still several items I have absolutely no idea what they're even used for, or how to use them (like Synthesizers, Lamba Grinders, etc.) because the in-game descriptions don't offer any useful information.

@zaffy2005 said in I'm confused..:

(like Synthesizers, Lamba Grinders, etc.) because the in-game descriptions don't offer any useful information.

Synthesizers are used in conjunction with other items to make items. (Hence their name.) Lambda Grinders are for grinding high rarity / high grind value equipment. (IE: Rarity 13, at Grind Lv. 10/30.)

Synthesizers were originally used during the Elemental Enhancement process for OT Weapons, but now their only use is in to get Pancakes and Ramune for Pets from the Pet Goods Shop, since NT weapons (which all NA server weapons are) do not require them to increase Element.

@coldreactive thank you... I didn't even know there was an option for a map...lol.. I'm learning a lot of things as I go... but to be fair... I'm totally new to this & I'm gonna need a lot of help...🙂

@zaffy2005 thank you... I saw some of that too.. but not as much as I saw creatures attacking & then they'd just run away & it would say " your target is at D-3 or E-4... or what ever... thanks again..

@AndrlCh So if I'm not maining Summoner synths don't really serve much purpose, basically? Or will they become useful once I get some higher-tier weapon? All I now is so far I haven't had an upgrade halted for not having synths or LGs on hand, only when I'm lacking Grinders, Photon Spheres (at 10, 20, and 30 to "unlock potentials"), or Meseta. Haven't seen anything yet (that I'm aware of/understand) to do with changing elements or affixing augments (still carrying around Jan's augment CO because of it), either. Still a lot to learn about this game, it's a lot deeper than I'm use to (significantly more so than Skyrim, certainly).

@BlkMetalMagik76 No problem. Only been paying a couple weeks at most myself but I'm slowly getting the hang of it. There are quite a few of us "new recruits" to go around, but thankfully there are also plenty who've played the Japanese version years ago and have been really chill about letting us newbies pick their brains.

@zaffy2005 Basically, yeah, Synthesizers are mostly just for Summoners now.

Lambda Grinders replace Grinders completely for enhancing 13☆ and higher Weapons, and they are used in conjunction with Grinders when enhancing Rings past +10.

Elemental enhancing now just requires that a weapon of the same rarity and type (+1% to Element), a duplicate of the weapon with a different element (+10% to Element) or a duplicate of the weapon with the same element (the Element of both gets added together) be used as fodder in Weapon Enhancement. Changing Element requires a Support Item from the AC Scratch for the Element you want.

Ability affixing doesn't require any Materials, just the items with the Abilities you want to use as fodder.

@AndrlCh So then, say I've got the Nox assault rifle (forget the whole name, but it's part of the gothic black and pinkish-purple line of weapons) as my main weapon I want to augment, and have a Yasminov 3000R (Yasminov? Yasminikov? Still learning names) with I think it's called Fang Soul (I'm assuming the stuff on the third "page" is the augments). As long as I have both in my inventory at the time, all I have to do is pick "Augment," select the Nox, then select the 3000R, and that'll put Fang Soul on the Nox and complete that CO?

Heh, once again something apparently so very, very simple and the game itself has no explanation at all. Either that or it popped up right at the beginning while I was trying to absorb 40 other new systems all at once and my brain just said "Screw it, I'm going to bed."

And now I know why I haven't noticed Lamba grinders. Only have one +35 weapon and wasn't paying any attention to item requirements because I assumed it was all Grinders and the occasional Photon Spheres, and I think I'm at maybe +2 on rings because I've spent so little time on "gathering" so I don't have the required rock types for improvement. Rings (and cooking) are another entire system I've been completely ignoring outside of being handed them during quests/COs because there's just been too much to try to absorb all at once.

@zaffy2005 It is a bit more complicated than that with certain Abilities (like needing 2 or more copies of a Soul to transfer it over), but yeah, that is the gist of it. I recommend buying some cheap weapons from the Weapon Shop next to the Item Appraiser to try it out and complete that CO since they tend to have low-level, high transfer rate Abilities.

@AndrlCh Ok, thanks for the tip. And, about the appraiser, saw something about being able to add more augments to the list? Right now there's just the (very small) boosts to EXP, Meseta, and drop rate. What am I looking for to add more?


This all goes on in the background and as a player, you have little to no control or way of telling the outcome:

The unappraised Weapon is predetermined in certain ways when it drops, and that is reflected in the meseta cost to Appraise: 700 base + 200 per Enhancement level + 20 per Elemental % + 300 per Ability, so ones that have more Abilities on them will typically cost a bit more to Appraise.

Appraising may randomly add an extra Ability with no way for you to determine what it will be or if it will even happen; additionally, this may override one of the Abilities that was originally supposed to be on the Weapon in some cases.

Using the Advanced Appraisal can also increase the number of the Abilities with a higher chance of doing so, but the meseta cost is 50 times the normal Appraisal cost (ie. between ~250k and 350k), so it is not practical to do so with Weapons under 13☆s (you can tell an unappraised Weapon is 13☆ because the icon on the Appraisal screen has a rainbow pattern).

@AndrlCh Alrighty. I've done a few "advanced appraisals" at about 150-180k each and didn't really notice any significant difference and ended up using them all as enhancement fodder anyway because they were all much lower in ATK/PWR compared to the Nox rifle.

Is there any "science" to Enhancement? I've pretty much just been using it as a trash compactor, using anything lower tier than what I have equipped as fodder (unless I'm running short on Meseta, then I sell it all instead). Learned after getting it to like lv 50 or 60 that Mags should be focused on certain stats rather than trying to raise everything (is there a limit to how much improvement can be done before you're just stuck with whatever the stats are at that point?)

@zaffy2005 The basic science is, the higher the rarity and Enhancement level of the fodder weapon, the more EXP it gives, and the less fodder Weapons you use, the lower the Grinder and Meseta cost. This makes the Collection Sheet weapons ideal fodder since they are at +30.

Mags will only level to lv200 based on their cumulative stats, so once it hits that, there is no way to add more to a certain stat without a Mag Level Down Device from the ExCube Shop; basically with one of the Devices, you pick the stat you want to remove one level from which then lowers the Mag's level so you can start feeding it again. This can be quite costly depending on how many levels you need to remove, and at a certain point it may just be a bteer idea to purchase a new Mag for 300AC/$3.