Anyone crashing?

For some reason my game is constantly crashing, locking up, or disconnecting. Anybody else getting this?

my game is constantly crashing. It will lock up, and boot me to home screen. Its happened 3 times already. Either that is happening or im disconnecting. Ive never had issues like this with my xbox or my network.

Hello Arks! If you are still experiencing this issue, can you please write us a support ticket via the "Contact Us" page and provide us with some more info, like what type of Xbox you have, is there a specific point you disconnect or is each point different, etc. Thanks! I hope we can resolve your issue soon~ ( •̀ ω •́ )✧

A regular xb1? I am getting heavy lag and freezing regularly if im not outright disconnecting. All of the crashes ive encountered don't seem to have any common elements. I will either lose all sound with screen freeze and i have to manually close the game or it will make a horrible noise and the game will close on its own. This sucks, i cant complete the urgent quest so i can least get my dreamcast mag. please help

The crashing was manageable on Saturday. But today it's pretty much the bane of my existence. If it isn't crashing it'll freeze whenever I try to pick up a quest, go to the gate, talk to any npc for that matter. Heck I've sat here for probably an hour now? Wanting to do the story missions to only be stuck in an endless loading loop that never goes anywhere until it just boots me out of the server. When it does want to load me in, it's loaded me without any of my weapons equip and for some reason all the armor I have gets deleted. But then its fine after reset. Crash/Reset/Repeat Got to do the urgent quest once. Can't do it any more since Rebecca npc is a guaranteed loading loop.

Same here. game random crash one time checking equipment. Now i just went to forest and as I'm running up to a datacon I think it is. It just froze for like 5 minutes then server communication issue just happen. It pretty much seems unplayable right now with the constant issues. I got a xbox 1 x