Anyone else find the camera totally frustrating?

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Now that I've put hundreds of hours into the game I've just about had it with the camera. It's one of the worst in any game I've ever played.

Took you literal HUNDREDS OF HOURS to find a reason to complain about the camera?

Some of you are just making up stuff to complain about at this point.

@Subject-Astra Seriously? One of those huh?

I've remapped my keyboard, as it lacks a 10-key, so that -/+ next to number row alters zoom, and the brackets underneath alters height. It does the job. Besides, keyboard is really necessary for text-based functions, as the Xbox's keyboard is way too cumbersome; laggy, plus it lowers the game's resolution.

So does mouse wheel not allow for zooming in/out? That makes Quartz Dragon's AOE that kills most people outright that much worse if you can't see the boss's wings for the tell.

For me I wish I could pull the camera out further. We used to be able to do this with the Arks Mod Tool on PC (Same guy that did the Occulus Rift mod) to pull it out to WoW like distances away from the character, but the developer stopped working on it back during episode 3 I think so it's been years since it could last be used.

@SmiggyG said in Anyone else find the camera totally frustrating?:

@Subject-Astra Seriously? One of those huh?

Yes, you are "one of those". At least you admit it.

Yes camera is wack. Needs to be about five feet closer. No optiin to do so.

FoV options would be a nice QoL change, honestly.

So, my bouncer spends most of his time like 4" above the top of my monitor when fighting large bosses. It's very confusing. Has anyone else run into this?

At least be glad that we are not suffering from PSO 1&2´s camera.

To quote a very famous and old review of PSO, by cjdaweasel, now lost to history:

The first thing that most people will notice about PSO is that the enemies are as just a bit dumber than over ripe cantaloupes. Well, that isn't completely true, because I've known cantaloupes that did things like "dodge fire", and "move out of the way of each other". Most of the baddies in PSO will run towards you Gauntlet style in the hopes that they will reach you before they die. This would be a pretty effective strategy if all the players were fish and lacked the ability to move a joystick. Usually, the strategy for beating most enemies is running right past them and sitting on the other side of the room as they slowly amble toward you. From there, you can shoot at them until they reach you yet again and run past them again. Rinse, Repeat.

Sure it sounds easy, and it wouldn't be so difficult if the targeting system didn't hate you. Most of the time the camera will swing in the opposite direction of what you are attacking. This will assist you in getting a nice close-up of a tree while you practice swearing. Most of your deaths in this game will be followed by "Why the xxx am I looking at a wall?!?!". They couldn't have made this camera system more unfriendly if they programmed it to sleep with your girlfriend, slap you in the face, and tell you how much you suck every fifteen seconds.

So it's okay that their camera is bad because it's been worse. Ok, good talk.

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So it's okay that their camera is bad because it's been worse. Ok, good talk.

More like i used the chance to remind people, in a humorous way, about how bad the camera was in PSO, to lighten the discussion, while staying somewhat relevant.

I never once said it was okay for PSO2´s camera to be as is.

I play with Daggers, which means I'm constantly in the air and the camera has never been a real issue.

I do feel the cam shouldn't derp out when you do stuff like double jumping, where it just kinda freezes while you're out of frame.

I'm just going to revive this thread out of spite because I had to go out of my way to make a macro that spams mousewheel back to zoom the camera out every frame(recenters) so when I jump up to attack a EQ boss, I can actually see what they're doing and not the floor, seeing as with a partisan, you return to the floor a lot to get your charge back, this is absolutely infuriating. Problem with the macro is due to the camera constantly lagging behind when running, your character will stutter heavily, but I literally fixed the fucking jumping camera with a macro. I mean come on, how is the game this old and we have to deal with this in current year.