Keyboard shortcuts?

With the Xbox we can plug a keyboard into the USB port. Anyone have or know of any guides on how best to utilize that? Can I use it to "shortcut" the sub-pallet so I don't have to manually scroll right and left to use the items/mods I have slotted there? Or "hotkey" to my personal quarters, the cafe, or shopping plaza? Had to random players jump into a party with me while I was wandering the Gate Area and they were complaining about me not starting up any mission for them to do (um, excuse me, I didn't invite anyone so what're you busting my chops for?) and I don't even know how to open up the text chat and respond. What all can be done with a keyboard?

You should be able to open up most if not all menus with a shortcut, ie: esc for the main menu, "c" for the quick menu, etc. "ENTER" for the chat. You are able to open up your subpallettes and switch between your active item on it with shortcuts as well, though I rarely use that and just use the mouse wheel and number keys for all of that.

Also Alt+a letter key will let you use an assortment of your lobby actions, and CTRL+Alt+ any key will give you the opposite gender version of that lobby action.

Go to your options menu and you can customize your shortcuts to suit your needs, and you have the option to customize the shortcuts based on movement, or while in a menu, ect.

Hope this helps!! And I hope you don't get any more rude randoms joining your party to demand things anymore! Have fu!

And here's some from the online manual 🙂