Moon Atomizers

Can you guys please do something so multiple people cant all use their moons at the same time. You can run out quickly on a raid boss when everyone tries to raise someone at the same time. Only one raises the fallen comrade but everyone else who tried is also down one moon.

It would be nice if the item cap for it was increased to like ten instead. Put a unique cooldown timer on it to prevent spamming.

I agree. It could be as simple as it being temporarily disabled just like the palette icon when you are not in close enough proximity of a downed player.

I wish reverser field was also better I mean a 10 minute cool down is a bit ridiculous even if it fully heals it not even worth using tbh, back to the OP tho I agree I wish that this did not happen as well

Or just give me pity FUN points 😉 .

@Merelambasted said in Moon Atomizers:

Or just give me pity FUN points 😉 .

I wouldn't mind if people who used a moon at the same time, but didn't get the res, got half the FUN for at least trying. Or, perhaps, had their moon refunded. Just because it's hilarious to see three people reviving half the group during luther without realizing each other person intended to do it to (because they're focused on getting everyone else up).

Usually when I play this kind of MMO, I tend to wait on raising people, since I'm not good with timing things, and thus it would be often times, far safer, for me to NOT raise than it would be to raise. If I end up building a support Techter/Techer with Talis, and I say I'm the dedicated healer, it might allow me to be the designated raise person.

in the old PSO there was a cool down timer ⌛ on several things except of course normal attack but now you can spam photon arts and techs as long as you have enough PP however the moon atomizer can only be used when someone is down for the count so to speak but it is a valid point that it's wasteful when everybody and his brother uses it at the same time however it only works if you are in range of a fallen comrade