Crashing on falz elder/luther

So sometimes my game crashes on after defeating elder or luther and its really annoying because when it happens I literally get no items because it crashes before the crystal is broke open can you please get this fixed it only seems to happen on those 2 I am Also on a xbox one x so idk if its just a x issue or not

Add me to the list. Xbox one S here. What makes it worse is the server marks the quest complete so I can't start the quest up again.

Yeah, this happens to me every so often too. Xbox One S user here. Very stable internet too so I don't know what's up with it. It doesn't happen enough to make these missions unplayable, but it sure is annoying when it does happen.

That really sucks. Is it both Elder and Luther? Are you guys be able to get screenshots (or phone camera pictures) of any error messages or something? If you send them to support, they're pretty good at compiling those.

Happened to me twice today. I thought it was a one time thing but apparently not. It happens right after you just beat Luther and see your victory pose. You can see the telepipe, red loot rock (whatever it's called) and the rest of the players. I get a "No response from the PSO2server" The error code I saw was 630. I really felt robbed since it's quite a long fight as it is but you get no EXP or loot. I'm using a Xbox One X btw.

For me, there was no error. The game whited out as it was loading the MPA victory screen, and then just dumped back to the Xbox dashboard when if I had to guess something failed to load. Maybe there's a costume or accessory causing the issue? For reference I'm on an External SSD so it wouldn't be a physical hard disk / fragmentation issue.

Yeah mine was just a white screen made a sound then crashed to dashboard

Now I'm 3 for 3. I get the white screen right before the victory pose. After that I can run around but not interact with the loot drop or telepipe. All the other characters are frozen. After 10-20 seconds I got the No response from the PSO2serrver No[630] and it returned me to the title screen. Odd others are getting booted to the dashboard. It's not our hardware. It seems more like a server issue to me.


Yeah, it's definitely not a hardware issue for me. I bought my Xbox One S this month from Best Buy so it was brand new, never used, etc. It works perfectly fine with other games. It works perfectly fine with PSO2 as well aside from this issue, though thankfully this particular incident isn't frequent. It's gotta be a server issue. I can't think of anything else it could be. But yeah, same error as mine, and it plays out exactly as you said. I'm just glad I'm not alone!

Looks like we've got enough cases to show something is going on for a dev escalation ticket. @GM-Deynger do you need any other specific details from us? Or should we each create support tickets at this point?

This happened to me just now. Back on Elder it always crashed whenever I tried to skip the death cutscene

This just happened to me, I was not able to log back in for a few minutes after. It sucks we were just finishing it done too! So much for my boosts.

@PrinceBrightstar I already sent in a support ticket they actually responded back saying they are aware of it and trying to get a fix for it this was few days back but yes I say send in a support ticket

it's not just on console... i'm on PC windows, and I experience this... right now, even.

Its happened when i try to jump in into map and crash at loading screen every time i go for the last battle in dark falz elder urgent quest