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Literally the exact same problem. Girlfriend and I are in the same room. Her's is wireless mine is wired. We were able to join someone else's party individually from the gate and shop areas, but not together.

@GM-Rappie So my girlfriend and I just figured out our problem. She had me muted on Xbox live because we are in the same room. Once she un-muted me we were able to join the same party. It looks at muted as blacklisted. She tried to send me a private message and said I was blacklisted.

This has to be it. There was three of us in the same house, same room. So we muted out mics. We couldn't be on a party together. No matter what. Wish I would've looked at the forums lol but I figure this input might help.

Me and my girlfriend are playing pso2 same block open net type yet oddly can't party up, shes not on a block list or anything so im at a loss my friends can invite one of us yet when it comes to the other we can't join. I get this message constantly when its just us ''cannot invite player to the party at this time'' or something like that. I cleared xbox cache made a new character nothing so im confused why?

@SleepyNight0wl nvm should of just read up XD

I did not have this issue. My son and I were sitting next to each other and were able to form a team and did most of the cbt together.

The husband and I thank you!! It worked.

During the beta I put in 12 hours into the game. And I notice for 6 hours me and my friends cannot play together who have downloaded the game. We tried different tactics to figure out a ways to connect with each other. And only one work, but it only allowed one other person to connect and not two. Because it looks like the party system is meant for 4 players.

Also, if you have a partner / AI-controlled character it reduces your party size by 1, since they're already taking a slot.

Unmuting people will de-blacklist them. (Since muting on Xbox will auto-blacklist them in PSO2.)

Is anyone else having issues adding a friend or selecting a friend on your friends list? I cannot seem to add my friends to my party from my friends list in game. Please help before the beta tonight.

Do you have them "Muted" on your Xbox? If so, this auto blacklists them in PSO2. This disallows you to friend / party them.

Yup. Came back for the extended beta, we unmuted eachother. Worked.

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Try to unmute each other in an xbox party. Having someone's profile muted automatically blacklists them in PSO2 and prevents you from messaging and partying up. You might need to restart for the change to take effect.

I saw this in the other forum. This was the issue, so the title of this thread needs to be updated to reflect it. Once unmuting and restarting the xbox, we were able to invite each other.

Also worked for me, so thank you!

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Hey guys it's kinda of silly but the way you go is.....

Gotta be the same Ship and Channel pretty much

Yeah but how....? How do you get into the same channel...?

@Ootarion3622 In various parts of the ship, there are teleporters that let you pick your Block ("channel").