let's talk AC Scratches

Coming from the Japanese Version of the Game, i was hoping to get some Official response as to how the NA Version will handle regular AC Scratches aswell as AC Scrachtes that where involved in a Collaboration, not limiting to AC Scratches alone, but also, what about Collaboration Events like Odin from FFXIV?

It's pretty obvious that the Japanese version had Years and Years worth of AC Scratch events that were and weren't tied to some sort of Collaboration with other Games/Media.

So what about the NA Version? i can already see some returning AC Scratches, but what is the goal here? will we at some point get the Japanese ones that were tied to Collaborations, or are those simply not possible due to licenses?

to get a full picture of JP AC Scratches visit http://www.bumped.org/psublog/pso2-jp-ac-scratch-directory/

I'm wondering if we will get a biweekly AC Scratch like this in NA aswell, which goes beyond the regular Outfits.

It seems that they are taking multiple items from various scratches and putting them together for NA scratches.

As far as collabs those require a separate deal for NA and they probably won't have all of them from JP.

Given how things have been run, you're most definately not going to get an official word on collab ones until they're ready to announce the collabs. One of the GMs mentioned the legal red tape involved though, that's as close to an official statement on the matter we're probably going to get for the time being.

Don't the Fortntie passes and fresh finds shop also have items from the Japanese AC scratches too?

Licensing comes down to many of the collabs making it here or not. Just because it's in Japan doesn't mean it would be available to the US version. Only time will tell what we shall get.

There are several that we will likely never get an active AC Scratch for because those license periods are long gone. Anything they are doing a revival for has a chance of coming to our version, and after we reach parity with the JP version, there may be some things that can happen moving forward.

@John-Paul-RAGE said in let's talk AC Scratches:

and after we reach parity with the JP version

I'm not too sure about that part but only time will tell.