How do stats effect the player?

Hey guys, I have been wondering a few things. Every guide I've seen hasn't really explained this, so I'm hoping someone knows. What exactly do stats like Dex and Potency effect?

DEX increases the minimum damage a player does while decreasing the minimum damage enemies do.

There's no real search results for "Potency" on google relating to PSO2.

@coldreactive I see. Thank you for explaining the Dex stat!

@LilEixy Something to add:

DEX only effects player damage with 1☆ to 6☆ and Red series Weapons; 7☆ and Higher weapons have a bonus to them that raises your minimum damage to about ~90%, which DEX cannot do without hitting some extremely high number like 800+.

Potency is the NA server's way of describing the damage done from certain type of attacks. When looking at JPN resources, instead of Melee Potency you may instead see the term Striking Damage. Related to that, Potency is not necessarily directly related to its corresponding PWR stat; for example, Normal Attacks and PAs for Jet Boots are effected by Melee Potency modifiers, but the stat that they use to calculate damage is TEC-Pwr rather than MEL-Pwr.

@AndrlCh That explains quite a bit, thank you so very much!

I was wondering how potency works with a technique as it says Potency:10000~ would you perhaps be able to explain that bit?

@LilEixy Basically that is the power of the Tech when it is fully charged; this number is used for damage calculations. This is further modified by the number of hits a Tech does. For example, you have two Techs that have 1000 potency, but one is a single hit and the other does four hits; the single hit one will have the full 1000 potency for its damage calculation while the one with four hits will have each hit have 250 potency.

@AndrlCh Okay, gotcha. You're a lifesaver!