I think this game is going to fail by the end of the year.

To get back on topic. Now that we have a roadmap, I feel too many people will be waiting for EP 6 Pt. 2 for the game to die before it's released in Jan. /endthread

@Stretcharach cant you see they added reccomendations on purpose to screw up peoples characters in order to sell a respec to them. they take advantage of trust and ignorance. i knew exactly how i wanted to build my skill tree but the issue was not realising i didnt have enough points for everything i wanted and its on purpose and thats why they make it to where you need to put 10 skill points in many skills to max them. i wouldnt even worry about respeccing and just put 10 points in dex and extended dodge if i had enough points but i never will.

on hunter for example i wanted 10 points in all the health skills and all the melee power skills wich takes up a whopping 60 friggen points and i was under the assumption that if theres this many they must give you more points at higher levels but i was wrong.

the most they do is give you a little extra when doing class quests.

its not like i was stupid enough to go both fury stance and guard stance.

@Manslayer490 Right I'm not saying it doesn't suck, but it's their every right to run the game how they want. This game's got at least 1.5 years of life. Especially if they're releasing it on other platforms and around the world. Though I'm not sure if the holy shared servers will applybe used for those as well.

Gas Lighting is too steampunk, this is high sci fi, we need photon fusion lights or quantum flux bulbs!

@Stretcharach reread my post i edited to clarify the issue is i wanna respec because i cant do the build i was going for because i lack the skill points. people accused me of just clicking buttons but that assumption is 100% untrue.

@ZeeHero9271 lmao What would it be? I'm not sure how what gaslighting means got the name gaslighting Apparently the term was inspired by a play/movie in the 1940s "Gas Light" or "Gaslight". So it could be changed to...Lamping? Photon lighting? OH! Cyberlighting!

@Manslayer490 I made 3 characters and got one to level 50, one to level 30 and didn't really touch the other one. Realized I messed up my skills so I re-made the characters only to have the free skill resets given out a week later. I'm not complaining because it(pushing for change) wouldn't have much impact on an 8 year old game's developer.

I will apologize for antagonizing you here, but I still feel that, though underhanded, there's nothing wrong with how they're running their game as long as players are playing it. As long as players are playing and people are buying, why should they see a reason to change it.

The majority of players are silent and not even existent on the forums, so the company sees (lets say a generous) 10% of the players are requesting this change, which wouldn't be too much work to implement, but would affect their bottom line, and only 3% of those players are refusing to play/pay in protest. They're going to make more money charging 97% of the playerbase for this service than they would charging 0%. Game companies are companies in the end and, while some may shine brighter by going their own way and really really heeding feedback (hellogames for nms is bae) the majority still go on revenue generated.

Correct me IF I am wrong, But since you CLAIM that they sell 'Respect" to Certain players, Then When you first started the game, Why then - Did you agree to the terms of service?

@Stretcharach i know that lol because why do you think i said making such things illegal is the only viable solution to make them stop. the market will never fix itself because you cant stop people from buying it. only solution is to make it illegal wich the house introduced a bill last year to do just that but like i said before they care way too much about removing trump than to care about that bill.

.. AND he's OFF again Ladies and Gentleman! ... xD

@DDDDLife because i didnt realise sega purposely makes it likely you will screw up your skill tree because most people like me wont look at a guide. i mean it seems blatantly obvious they are trying to screw up peoples trees on purpose with the reccomended button. i mean not only do they not make respeccing free but they go that extra mile by screwing up your tree on purpose.

@Manslayer490 So I pose you this, if the majority of people playing the game(and others like it where they charge for things they shouldn't but are legally allowed to) don't care, why would any, let alone the majority of voters care. I haven't looked for this bill so I'm just taking your word for it but I'm kind of surprised it would be proposed in the first place.

How do you word something like that? Is it like an enforced "price match" where there's a maximum charge for similar services other games have? Or a blanket ban on microtransactions which affect gameplay at all? That would all but kill the mobile gaming market, and would affect(though maybe not as detrimentally) console/pc games.

Imagine not only having to watch the ads already in those (mobile) games, but watching enough ads to cover how much money people spend directly on those games currently. It would be mostly ads and people wouldn't play, money would be lost, taxes wouldn't be had.

It all comes back to money and I don't think that will pass. However, anything's possible so I guess we'll wait and see.

@Manslayer490 With how the game is now, free skill reset passes will be passed out before you'd be required to spend skill points on anything to keep up. Utility is nice but you could also go with the recommended and still hit the end of the content we have now. When new content is released, there's also likely a skill reset coming then as well.

This doesn't address your main concern, but I hope it provides some consolation.

@DDDDLife said in I think this game is going to fail by the end of the year.:

.. AND he's OFF again Ladies and Gentleman! ... xD

your sig is sick, did you make it or is it commission?

@Stretcharach so to answer your question it does not ban things that are not pay to win like comesmetics and extra content like DLC that adds new areas and it doesnt ban expansions. however what it does ban is things like selling respecs, selling xp boosters, selling loot drop chance boosters, selling gear, selling upgrades for your character like more bag space and carry weight, wait times before being able to gather again, wait times before being able to research again, selling costumes that give stat bonuses, passive bonuses that apply to your character when you spend money, selling in game currency for real money and loot boxes etc.

and alls i can say to the mobile market is adapt or go under.

like i said its a broad sweeping ban.