I think this game is going to fail by the end of the year.

@orangespanky217 Let's face it.. To make real huge amounts of meseta to buy emotes and popular fashion cosmetics requires to pay additional character slots and lvl them all to atleast 50 to do SH daily/weekly quests. Thats exactly what im doing now currently working on my 6th/12 hoping to get atleast 40mil a week. I see an outfit I want thats 60 freaken mil just b/c its a Japanese casual "snow-Frill outfit" 3 characters for F2P is just isn't enough to buy anything over 50mil. You have to remember ppl play this game for fashions, but the economy is so terrible only b/c NA servers are new.

@Ace said in I think this game is going to fail by the end of the year.:

The game deserves to fail honestly with how poorly managed its been.

  • We have no real support. All the GMs & support (EstSoft) do is take our concerns, complaints, suggestions, translates them, and shoots them over to Japan. Or you just get told nothing can be done. They're just messengers.

Personally, I've asked if they could clear out my blacklist a month ago and a month later I was told there's been no update from the devs. We have the commands in our NA manual, it even tells us how to use it, but support never made a PSA stating that we shouldn't. Cause guess what? It's broken and you can't remove people from it.

I explained to them that I named a character with an 'A' but the game changed it to lowercase; well they expected me to pay $15 for a name change solely due to no fault of my own. I wasn't asking them for a whole new name but nothing can be done apparently.

  • PC players got screwed over hard from Day 0. For the longest time we were ignored when dates would be given and yet nothing was told. Eventually we were told "spring!" and now here we are with the PC release and nothing to show for it cause we still have bugs and issues a month later with no official updates on a fix. It doesn't matter if it's the Microsoft Store. They're all on the same team and share the responsibility. Maybe they should've beta tested the PC release.

  • PC players were promised and reassured that we wouldn't lose out on any content or rewards during the Xbox Beta here And yet once again, with no official comment on if and when we'll get access to those items, we lost out on campaigns, mission passes, fresh finds, AC tickets, beta rewards, skill reset passes (People who played on Xbox got 2 distributions for absolutely no reason so a total of 6 or more if you had multiple characters)

  • Poor quality translations. I mean even the tweaker for the Japan version put in more effort and accuracy towards everything.

  • UQ and event times are incredibly inconvenient. If you're not from NA then I could really careless for your opinion on this matter cause this is suppose to be the NA release.

Majority of the events and UQs held have been at 12am, 2am,5am EST. For some of PST, this may work fine for them but you're inconveniencing a major amount of your player base.

  • Community is spread way too thin. What reason is there for us to have 3 ships open? The population has been at a decrease since launch. Open ships as other ships begin to fill. Don't just start 3 separate servers and spread people out thinly.

Besides having nothing to say? They deleted their tweet that gave us that reassurance cause more than likely, they didn't speak to SEGA about it.

Fresh Finds is predatory FOMO marketing at it finest.

The mission pass is okay but at the same time kind of a joke since we only get one of each item and can't trade. We can't even get multiples if several colors are given.

Even the marketing and prices for everything is from outdated models. Maybe this still works in Japan, but in comparison to western MMOs, good luck.in-game purchases such as inventory, characters, or anything else. It's a F2P game so it has to make money but honestly only a fool would consider paying these prices in comparison to any western MMO.

PSO2 is 8 years late to the Western Market and yet it feels like nothing more but a cash grab at this point. Even the marketing and prices for everything is from outdated models. Maybe this still works in Japan, but in comparison to western MMOs, good luck.

PC players from North America who were dedicated enough to go as far as play on Japan servers and looked forward to an NA release have gotten nothing more but the taste of the bottom of your boots.

Mabinogi runs the same way- GMs can only forward information to KR. It's inefficient yes, but that's because the original country tends not to let other branches run freely enough to produce a steady profit. (Which is why you tend to see other versions fall so quickly.)

As a PC player, I couldn't log in due to how constantly the launcher uninstalled itself. I missed out on the Story Clear Event because of that instability, and only just yesterday cleared Story 3 at level 51.

i'm having constant heart failures just by checking the market

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Yup and the prices will continue to go higher when they aren't available from AC. Goodluck enjoying the game as F2P that is if you don't care about fashion.

exactly what i stated a few pages ago. new items are overpriced and old items are even more overpriced. non whale players ain't never touch those costumes. i can't wait to see the prices on popular collab like nier lmao

@WillfulChart930 Yea, if these are the prices for an anime not really popular across NA, I cannot wait to see the price for Nier stuff. At this point, I've already accepted that the "phasion" statement for PSO2 NA is going to be more along the lines of "I'm a rich whale" more than anyone and everyone being able to enjoyably customize their characters to however they want.

@Spectra-Saberon I think it depends on the scratch.

Nier is more popular than Konosuba so people will be more likely to buy AC for that scratch than Konosuba which is a very MEH scratch anyways.

@SleeprunnerInc That's another valid point too.

Every game has a thread on the front page saying it'll fail. It's natural.

@Spectra-Saberon To each their own, but I think NA should cut their prices to atleast half or 75% of the original price for a fairer monetization and that way they would get more customers to spend MORE money on them.

That is my own opinion and here is how I base it.

If a costume costs lets say 20 bucks (Which is fairly close to the current outfit packages we have), then you will only have a few customers paying for it, especially with no preview INGAME available except for a shoddy picture in bad quality.

However if said outfit bundle costed, lets say 10-5 bucks, you would have much more people buying it and effectly even triple the amount of money you would get normally from the few people buying the 20 buck version.

Why? Because it's easier and much more acceptable to spend 5-10 bucks on an outfit than 20 bucks, since that's a few weeks worth of food right there.

So if you have like let's say 200 customers who buy the 20 pack, thats about 4000 bucks you earned.

Now if you have the bundle at 5-10 bucks, you will be sure that the amount of customers can effectively quadruple or more.

So you would have like 800-1000 customers.

With 800 customers at a price of 5 bucks, you would get 4000 back easily. With 10 bucks? 8k.

With 1000 customers, that's 5000 bucks or 10k with 10 bucks.

I see cheaper monetization for items that are ALREADY MADE, since the work was done for hte outfits a long time ago (These to my knowledge are not recently made outfits) a fairer and better PR thing for the company.

I'm suprised people even buy SG's i thought that was just a myth because it's basically currency that shouldn't be bought. It always had terrible value.


That sounds incorrect. Doing that takes far more time then just selling affixes for 7 to 10 million

I'd have to level what 5 characters and do weeklys just to make the same amount I make after doing random junk each day seems like a waste time to be honest


Few weeks of food for twenty dollars. What are you eating one pack of ramen a day and bread.

Also your assuming they didn't already crunch the numbers if something is at 20$ corporations have pretty smart people doing these calculations the odds are the prices set are already configured to maximize profits. The thing with free to play titles it's hard to get a truly free player to pay any amount of money whether it's a dollar or ten dollars. 20 dollars isn't that much for most of us that spend money. In fact for some of us that's cheaper then other games prices.

@Rhysticalz A kilogram package of Basmati rice is about 3 bucks, one 400 gram minced meat package is about 2-3 bucks. You use about 3 DL of Rice and you got food for 3-4 days with 6 bucks. (Note: You still got 75% of the rice left in the package.)

Then you buy let's say a 300gram box of honey marinaded chicken for about 3 bucks.

Use another 3DL of rice and the chicken to make food for 2-3 days for 3 bucks. (You got about half a box left of rice.)

That's already 5-7 days.

So you survived one week with about 9 bucks used in total and STILL have half the package of rice left to start the next week.

So yeah, you can now buy yourself a cucumber and either chicken or minced meat and use the cucumber with it OR make a rice salad.

All in all 20 bucks is very easy to survive 2 weeks minimum, 3 weeks is harder.

@Rhysticalz Nobody said which was faster. Affixes are only good if you provide the best tier armor and wpn. And with this current content theres really not that many worthy abilities to affix. Yeah it takes long to lvl them all to 50, but thats the mmo experience right?, atleast you dont have to rely on the market to get meseta.