I think this game is going to fail by the end of the year.

@DDDDLife it wasn't passed, it was sent to a different department to look at.

@Manslayer490 said in I think this game is going to fail by the end of the year.:

@Stretcharach so to answer your question it does not ban things that are not pay to win like comesmetics and extra content like DLC that adds new areas and it doesnt ban expansions. however what it does ban is things like selling respecs, selling xp boosters, selling loot drop chance boosters, selling gear, selling upgrades for your character like more bag space and carry weight, wait times before being able to gather again, wait times before being able to research again, selling costumes that give stat bonuses, passive bonuses that apply to your character when you spend money, selling in game currency for real money and loot boxes etc.

That would be interesting to see as a standard in games, is what I'll say, just because I instinctively like the idea of a more level playing field, but also anxious at how this might limit games, or the games they inspire, in the case where they don't/can't adapt.

and alls i can say to the mobile market is adapt or go under.


Anyway, it was nice bickering and then talking with you, sorry again for being as rude as I was, and have a good one.

@John-Paul-RAGE AH... mmkay. SO - where does he believe that this is going to pass???

@Manslayer490 said in I think this game is going to fail by the end of the year.:

@DDDDLife you wanna read this and tell me theres not a bill. https://www.congress.gov/bill/116th-congress/senate-bill/1629/text?r=1&s=4

If you actually read the bill, (which you didn't). This bill proposes to protect minors from "gambling".

Countries cannot currently agree what constitutes as "gambling". So that is why lootboxes and gacha are legal. Because you can argue that opening Pokemon trading card packets as "gambling". It follows the same rules as gacha. Pay for some cards and hope you get a rare collectible. That really isn't "gambling".

People have been introducing laws to try to curb/stop w/e video games for a while and their arguments never make any sense.

Also this thread is soooo long overdue. Should be dead by now imo.

@DDDDLife who knows, Microsoft definitely has an "in" with the government and would start forcing an adjustment on to their participants if there were any threat of this happening within the next calender year, so the lack of that happening means it isn't a short-term worry.

@DDDDLife Well, you see. The government actually hates all gambling, mostly because it was a system of the illuminati to break down the power of the common man, and therefore skill resets should be given out for free or else SEGA will face the wrath of the US government for their illuminati ways propagated by the lizard collective.

...it hurt to type that...


I said this Before.. ( and I really Believe the GM's are chuckling in the Background)


@DDDDLife I'm dying from the fact that this whole debacle started over him wanting free skill resets. XD

There's derailing and then there's launching your train into orbit.

@Lorient I bet it did.

Let us knit-pick based on the wording, since if a law doesn't explicitly say something cannot be done, it can be done.

Skill resets aren't available for purchase, they are a periodic reward to all players. that will remain legal under proposed fake law

The boosters they sell aren't the same ones you can get naturally in the game, so they will remain legal under this fake law.

The loot boxes use a currency the game uses and aren't purchased directly with money. those will remain legal under fake law

The game won't be minor oriented if that law passed. so everything is legal! Yaaaaaay

Jp had similar issues that NA is having and obviously know that they will work it out. Games having issues at start has been a trend for a while and yet they end up successful so people wishing ill on Sega and microsoft is kinda sad imo. I remember ff14 had a god awful start and now look at it. Not saying the two games are on the same level since one is p2p and the other is f2p but I still believe people should cut these people some slack since they've been working on this all through out the quarantine and people have been verbally slapping them around like they're peasants. We could have not got this game in NA at all.

@John-Paul-RAGE everyone keeps telling me that you either have to pay for passes or get one for free wich isnt until august.

@Manslayer490 unless they added it on the NA recently, it has been lacking that. You could add new trees completely and swap them with SG, but there wasn't a reset pass. I haven't looked at the shop closely the last week, but before they were given to us it wasn't even an option for purchase.

@John-Paul-RAGE i never understood why people like paying to win or gambling. it never makes me feel good to gamble and i get no rush and i hate doing it. i have been 100% against gamblinjg since playing monopoly and i also dont understand why people get addicted to pay to win and gambling and it frustrates the hell out of me because i dont find it exciting or thrilling. people are just too easily amused by things that are detrimental to them.

@Manslayer490 only games I like it in are games that allowed those items to be sold on an open market.

I don't care about cosmetics or anything like that. But those who do are willing to pay a lot of meseta, so I indulge solely for that reason.