I think this game is going to fail by the end of the year.

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@Arios6311 Sadly most of those are not good for most of the classes they are a good stepping stone and fodder to feed people who spend money are actually wasting money.

What do you even mean by that? Running Nox / Brissa or most 13* weapons as main weapons is totally fine, i'm not sure what out of these are not "good" for most classes, aside from maybe the odd Nox Potential that can't be utilized and even then Sigma is a decent solution all around.

This potentials are OK but never Best in slot. Let alone best in slot is always argued because people say rarity is rarity and the fact it depends builds.

@Zenny Under the assumption you're speaking towards all free players, that isn't exactly true. For someone who has no idea what they're doing in-game, yes they have less advantage but some no less. But for someone who does, you bet they earn as much as someone who has premium. Granted this is still under RNG because 3-shop passes are from Fun tickets but it's not entirely impossible to get and Fun Points are easily accessible via excubes. PSO2 offers ways for free players to gain access to gain some premium benefits like shop or room features with the exception to some premium benefits like extra triboost/feature box plus.

Yes, free players have to do the work around and process might be longer (obvious because it creates inconvenience), but free players who know what to do aren't locked out of earning easy money per week. In the case of newbies who have no idea, they will have to learn the game as that's the normal thing to do. Another thing is a new player who's starting out won't want to make money off market until they start doing SH-tier contents.

But meseta-wise, a free player can earn a decent amount even without shop through daily co, daily/weekly ARKs Missions, AQ, etc. For general game play these meseta sources are enough for a free player when it comes to gears. It's only when cosmetics is involved that people feel like these amount aren't enough.

@Remi In the case for us JP players who know what's good, we'll aim for BiS or near that.

In the case for the average EN player, it's expected that the better choice would be to set for subpar like what @Macmaxi stated because the stats have current JP scaling (NT values) on the weapon in our current content exceeds what our content has (with SH in exception because it has the new scaling). Nemesis/Slave stats are already at Ep5 tier. . But I'd argue Brissa is up there with contending with Saiki/Ray as the difference between all three sets are similar. So technically, BiS is up to class make-up and preference.

Once we get PD and access to Union-series, then the current unit meta will change a bit since PD unit combos with other units would be better to use.


and pay to win against what? some npcs?

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You know what games did die? Maplestory 2, Kingdom underfire 2, Wildstar they all had around the same player base as this does now.


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Wait is that taking into account both NA and JP? And how the hell is destiny 2 considered an mmo?

Any website that shows more than 0 subscribers for Wildstar is a fake or years outdated website.

Wildstar is dead, NCSoft closed it and killed the subsidiary company that was making it - laying off everyone. About 2 years ago: https://www.pcgamer.com/wildstar-has-now-closed-so-here-is-some-footage-of-its-final-moments/

At least they got the daily players part right...

Used to play that game...

There were specific reasons for it's death.

Near the end the active playerbase was extremely small and split into 2 camps:

Hardcore raiders - this was basically less and a handfull of raid rosters remaining. Housing folks - most of the final players, building stuff in their houses because the tools were so fantastic.

Between them the number of people was likely in the low hundreds.

The game was marketed as extremely lighthearted casual play for fun and laughs.

  • When it launched questing was like this, but the very first level 10 'mini dungeon' that you'd hit within an hour of starting had the difficulty of a WoW normal raid. The first actual dungeon that most players would hit within a few hours of play... harder than a WoW mythic raid.

The actual raids once you got there - were the most brutal hardcore raiding on the market... in an MMO that looked and felt like a cartoon casual game.

Extreme mismatch there meant most people left the game the moment they hit that mini-dungeon or the first dungeon.

Eventually they fixed it all and made most of the game casual friendly, but by then they were under 5000 regular players... bleeding money... and only left alive by NCSoft because it was still reeling from community reactions over the death of City of Heroes (which was killed while still profitable and full of players)...

They gave it almost 2 years on life support, then killed the whole thing...

You really cannot make analogies between that and any other MMO. It was kind of a freak thing.

If something were to kill PSO2, it would be for very different reasons...

Daily players is 0 because the game is dead. Subscriber count is how many accounts have been estimated to been signed up for the game, not the active players. I dunno what is so difficult about reading the numbers for some of you.

Of course, nobody is stopping you from providing data. Until then, the data provided beats the hearsay going around.

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Also Wow's "population" that is currently gauged is from using addons that count CHARACTERS not players IE a single player plays 5 characters? they will be counted as 5 players.

Yeah before I left WoW (one side of my family has roots traced through Hong Kong, so Blizzard can suck it) I had 24 characters. In the previous expansion all of those were raiding toons...

That wasn't as unusual as it might seem.

Most people wouldn't have that many, but they would have anywhere from 6 to a dozen raiding toons because the game was old, leveling was easy, and every tier had super simple catch up mechanics...

Free player in my guild has 170m, and some of the top tier affixes, even if you cant get 13 stars you can use 12 stars and 10 stars to get money.

if the game dies PC community will be blamed easily. I dont care how anyone rolls their dice, they bombed ratings and shit talked it for months. I do believe SEGA is partly to blame, and microsoft (a little in microsofts case) but still christ.

@Lwyu ma'am please, they relased a game that caused a large amount of players to have to FACTORY RESET THEIR PC DUE TO GHOST FILES EATING UP 100S OF GIGS, i feel like the issues and the complaints are kinda warranted. its been 2 weeks since these issues have come up and a majority of PC players who cant get on have been waiting for the 10th in hopes that they would fix it, and what did we get? mission passes, cosmetics, and 2 new UQs, not a single PC fix.

You're saying a majority of this is the PC's community fault?... =\

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Daily players is 0 because the game is dead.

Game was never played, even if some people claim it was a good time. Proof that casuals ain't what a game needs to be supported.

The notion that the community's reaction to the publisher's repetitive failures being the reason for the game dying is absolutely absurd.

i dont even care if this game fails Im just playing it til other games comes out but yeah I'll never trust sega again after what they did to phantasy star universe so Im not expecting this to last long.

I agree with the notion that this game WILL NOT FAIL. Unless he or she fails to realize that PSO2 is also coming to PSX4!! and just maybe after that, Yes ladies and Gentleman, on Steam.

Having played Wildstar a bit i can confirm this game was legit hard, and the servers were very empty really quick, this game just never found it's audience.