Changing fashion via chat commands does not change face and eyes

Ok so when using the chat command /mf# to change my fashions I will change clothes but it will not swap my face variant, makeup or eyes/eye color, it will change it in the saved ensembles menu tho my guess is because of this ? That it ask you 89114919-BEAA-41F5-9F35-F79882249DF7.jpeg

If this is not a bug can we please get an option to also swap our face variant, makeup and eyes/eye color via the chat commands please also I’m an submitting a report on this I just have to wait for my Xbox to upload a video of me showing what’s happening

It is not a bug and is the behavior on the JPN version as well, but it definitely has always been one of my biggest gripes they have never addressed. My guess is that they have it like that because they give you that pop-up choice when you do it through the catalog (since picking "No" will just apply the same things as the chat command). Maybe adding another set of chat commands that to do it might help, like "/mfa #" & "/myfashionall #".

@AndrlCh that would be nice and thanks for the insight as well