Not sure if I'm muted or if chat is bugged.

I don't know if I got a chat ban or if it's bugged, but the bgin chat with share button is greyed out. I only have 2 auto chats set and they still play but I can't type in chat for some reason. Pretty sure I didn't do anything ban worthy since I don't use chat and my auto chats are GLHF at quest start and GG at quest end. If I am chat banned for some reason is there anyway to get unbanned?

Same thing is happening to me. The GMs should have messaged you if you have done something bad instead of us not knowing what's going on. Fro what I hear the ban usually 24hrs

I can't do emotes or talk in chat, but I can do symbol art. Am I chat banned ? How can you tell, and how would the GM message me?

they dont message they just chat ban you

If you got a notification it would be in the email account associated with your XBL account most likely.

@John-Paul-RAGE nah mine was just glitchy.. reset the xbox and all was fine.. lol