Latin speakers, let´s create the Black Toros Alliance!

Hey guys!

How is everything?

I´m Besourinho and I would like to create the Black Toros Alliance and become adventure buddies in this marvelous world!

I know I am not the only latin speaker over here so, what about to create our own Head Quarters and help us all to move forward while having the best time.

There is no restrictions to join, let´s only have a great time and learn the best path hand by hand.

The Alliance is not created yet but as soon as we get 10 members willing to join, we can decide together which ship we are going to make ours!

I already created a Discord and if you want to join, it is open to everyone:

I can speak spanish, portuguese and english so any topic will be more than welcome.

I am looking to meet people willing to create a great community, helping each other, to have a good time and to become the very best, like no one ever has!

If you are interested, please, send me a message on discord or add me on Xbox live to chat over there; Besourinho is the GT.


PS. I am writing this in English as i do not know if writing in a different language is allowed on the forums lol


Acabo de crear un Discord para hacer crecer a la comunidad hispana en donde los nuevos jugadores puedan encontrar guías, alianzas e información referente al juego; así como las alianzas puedan publicitarse de una forma más directa dentro de la propia comunidad hispana. Entre todos podemos hacer crecer una comunidad propia y hacernos fuertes.

Un saludo, Mosh.